Zoom PDF Editor SDK

PDF Viewing and Rendering

Experience high performance PDF viewing and rendering with Foxit PDF SDK.
– Navigate and select text
– View PDFs in single-page mode or continuous
– Zoom out and in
– Fit page or fit width
– Search text with advanced search (full-text search)
– Add/edit text
– Remove, rotate and re-order pages
– Open, load and download files
– Print files
– Access file properties and meta-data
– And much more with our powerful PDF libraries.

PDF Library for PDF Forms

PDF Forms

– View and edit form fields and content programmatically
– Fill forms
– Perform form field’s Javascript
– Import/Export form data by XML file
– Access form data

FDF/XFDF support: export and import annotation and form data through Forms Data Format (FDF).

PDF library markup

PDF Annotations

– Create, save, manage, select, flatten, edit and reply to annotations
– Import and Export annotation data (FDF)
– Show and hide all comments

Annotations: notes, comments, callouts, typewriter, ink (pencil), textbox, distance measurement, standard, dynamic and sign here stamps.

Markup: highlight, underline, strikeout, flatten, squiggly, replace text, insert text, polygon, polyline, rectangle, oval, arrow and line.

Watermarks: create, insert, edit and remove watermarks at the image, PDF page or text level.

PDF SDK Security library


Full encryption and decryption functions.

  • Password encryption
  • Certificate-drive encryption
  • Bring your own security handler
  • Support for
    • Standard PDF security handler (40 and 128 bit RC4)
    • 128 bit AES encryption
    • 256-bit AES encryption
    • Custom security handlers
    • set or modify security permissions
    • remove encryption for existing PDF documents
PDF SDK Signature library


Full API to allow you to implement digital signatures into a PDF file from any certificate.

Additionally, use PSI (Pressure Sensitive Ink) to sign documents with touch or a stylus.


– Extract, select, search and retrieve text in PDF documents
– Detect text links
– Index text much faster than any other PDF SDK.


Split, merge, rearrange and combine PDFs programmatically based on page ranges or any other logic.

DOCUMENT attachments

– Add/Get/Edit/Remove document attachments
– Get/Set checksum
– Get attachment data asynchronously
– Get/Set description, modify/create date, filesize,
– Check for embedded files & write attachment data.

Asynchronous loading

For large files, allow the first PDF pages to be loaded asynchronously, without having to load the whole document, which would normally take a very long time to load.


Rearrange page content when the page size changes. This is useful for applications that have to prepare for the same layout being displayed on multiple devices. Create, render, release and access properties of reflow pages.

Content margins

Calculate PDF page margins:

  1. by analyzing bounding box of all page contents
  2. by detecting paths for background and images


Generate barcode bitmaps from a given string. Support for:

  • 1D barcode: Code39, Code128, EAN8, UPCA, EAN13, ITF
  • 2D barcode: PDF417, QR


This new function in PDF provides you with a way to associate content in other formats with objects of a PDF file and identify the relationship between the PDF content and the objects.


– Read and create BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, JPX, GIF.
– Image creation, conversion, input and output operations.


In a PDF, a portion of the content can be marked as a marked content element. PDF SDK provides APIs to add, edit and remove marked page objects.

Access layers

Allow users to render all PDF layers of a document. Traverse the layer tree and set the opposite visible state of every PDF layer, effectively selecting to view or hide contents of each layer.