Foxit PDF SDK for Android  8.2
The Foxit PDF SDK is ideal for any enterprise-class application, cloud service, desktop application, or mobile app that has to interact with PDF documents and forms-especially across platforms. The PDF SDK excels with multi-platform support, for a consistent user experience across client devices.PDF SDK applications are usually developed in C or C++ with the following requirements:
  • Multi-platform support, either to run on different platforms or across multiple platforms, such as a Windows or Linux server-based application with an Android or iOS app as the front end
  • Applications that need to integrate with Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) to encrypt and decrypt PDF documents
  • Generation of secure PDFs with encryption/decryption or integrated with a customized Digital Rights Management (DRM) or Information Rights Management (IRM) security solution
  • Creation of PDF documents from images (like scanned documents) or to convert PDF to images
  • Barcodes to be applied to PDF forms and documents
  • Document management and auto-edit functions, such as text editing, printing, text manipulation, extraction, flattening, adjust page dimensions, search, and search and replace
  • New PDF document generation by combining/arranging specific pages from existing PDF files
  • Stamps, watermarks, and other annotations to be applied to PDF files en masse
  • Programmatic document signing with a handwritten PSI signature
  • PDF files to be optimized for rendering on mobile devices
  • Programmatic modification of metadata and properties
  • XFA support
  • PDF2.0 support
  • Redaction support
  • OCR support
  • PDF/A conversion and validation
  • PDF document comparison
  • Long term validation of signatures(LTV)
  • PDF Optimizer support
  • Creation of PDF documents from HTML(url or HTML file) or convert PDF to HTML, MS Office Excel/Word document
The Foxit PDF SDK provides these capabilities with high performance and accuracy through a programmatic interface.

The Foxit PDF SDK libraries have been used in many of today's leading applications. They are proven, robust, and battle-tested to provide the quality, performance, and features that the industry's largest applications demand.
  • PDF in a box: everything application developers need to display PDF and have users interact with PDF documents and forms
  • Developer focus: concentrate on your added value and not on PDF
  • Foxit technology: don't worry about IP infringement
  • Broad solution: supports multiple platforms and limits the number of PDF venders that you do business with by managing only one contract across multiple platforms
  • Improved time to market and flexible delivery