Companies in the energy sector face stringent requirements around document storage. Whether nuclear, oil, gas, or coal, documents must be archived and accessible throughout the lifetime of a plant and beyond,­ typically 30­- 60 years.

PDF documents are the standard, universally adopted format for new documents due to their ubiquity and ease of viewing and sharing.

This can cost businesses a tremendous amount in storage costs and data loss, physical or digital, can have catastrophic consequences.


Create and archive documents in compliant format

Energy companies face the momentous task of converting existing documents into digital form. Digitized documents must not only retain all of the relevant information while being small enough to store, but also fully editable, searchable text, not just images.

Using an OCR tool, included in some PDF SDKs, allows paper documents to be digitized, with their text ready to be read, edited and searched. Once digitized, these documents can be stored in a fraction of the space and automatically backed up to meet audit requirements.

For new digital documents, creating them directly in a PDF editor removes errors caused by conversion and compression. Foxit PDF editing tools allow total manipulation of the document – merging, splitting, images, annotation and more.

Once created, the document is rendered exactly as intended by the creator. Even large ­format documents such as color blueprints, that require sophisticated compression to both reduce their size for storage but ensure all details are retained for retrieval.

PDF/A is widely recognized as the best format for archived documents, and any PDF applications need to both create standard­ compliant documents and validate compliance before archival.


Reduce time lost by streamlining workflows

At the enterprise level, document management and manipulation becomes as – or more – ­ crucial than document creation. Creating and integrating streamlined workflows is essential to improving productivity and doing more with less. Effective collaboration tools improve productivity – moving to electronic signatures, for example, can reduce document turnaround time by up to 80%.

PDF applications in the energy sector need to be optimized for collaborative work, with annotation, editing, and version control. Once finalized, areas of the document can be locked to prevent further changes while still allowing annotations from other collaborators.

To avoid the problems inherent in fitting complex business processes into off the­ shelf solutions, many energy companies prefer to develop their own document and PDF applications in­ house. Developers can use PDF SDK tools to integrate document creation, signing and storage with existing enterprise software and processes.


Embed security into document processes

The nature of the energy sector means the documents/PDFs involved risk being highly confidential and must only be made accessible to a select few. Document management requires security features such as encryption/decryption, creation or integration of Information Rights Management (IRM) systems, secure signing functionality, password protection, and access monitoring and restriction.

Secure sharing within the organization is essential, with the ability to restrict sharing with unauthorized users. Crucial decisions must be signed off by several stakeholders, using secure digital signatures and digital signature verification. With PDF technology, these functions can be embedded directly into document workflows.

Foxit PDF SDK arms developers with the tools to develop enterprise­ class PDF applications that fulfill all the needs of a modernizing energy sector. Chosen by Google to be the underpinning technology for their open ­source PDF engine for its versatility and power, it is the chosen PDF solution for major energy companies such as Shell and Chevron.


●  Built ­in tools for PDF/A Compliance

Foxit PDF SDK comes with several built ­in PDF libraries providing developers with all the tools needed to easily deliver PDF/A compliant documents ready for archive.

●  Power and convenience

Use the most powerful PDF SDK to program metadata in bulk and search millions of documents with lightning­ fast data retrieval and rendering. Streamline and automate time consuming steps in document workflows.

●  World ­class security features

Trusted by major corporations in all sectors, Foxit PDF SDK comes equipped with numerous security libraries. Secure signing with PSI, Information Rights Management (IRM) integration, encryption/decryption, password protection, access monitoring and restrictions:­ Foxit arms developers with the tools needed to develop ultra-­secure applications.

●  All-­in-­one solution

Foxit PDF SDK can tackle any high ­level operations such as generating, editing, annotating, merging, splitting, adding content, removing content, signing, copying, pasting, allowing for streamlined collaborative generation of documents.

●  Developer support at every step

More than just a software development kit, Foxit offers comprehensive developer support at every step. Demos and sample code are provided to help developers our staff are on hand to help integration with existing programs and workflows.

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Key facts

  • Built ­in tools for PDF/A Compliance
  • Power and convenience
  • World ­class security features
  • All-­in-­one solution
  • Developer support at every step