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A powerful, easy-to-use Core API for rendering, viewing, annotation, signing, protecting and managing forms in PDFs.

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A powerful, easy-to-use Core API in C++, C#, C, Python and Java. System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit); Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 and 2016 (32-bit and 64-bit).

using namespace std; using namespace foxit; using namespace foxit::common; using foxit::common::Library; using namespace pdf; using namespace annots; using foxit::pdf::annots::Line; // Create a blank document PDFDoc doc = PDFDoc(); // Add a blank A4 page to the document PDFPage page = doc.InsertPage(0, 595, 842); // Create a note annotation annots::Note note(page.AddAnnot(Annot::e_Note, RectF(10, 350, 50, 400))); // Set note annotation properties note.SetIconName("Comment"); note.SetSubject(L"Note"); note.SetTitle(L"Foxit SDK"); note.SetContent(L"Note annotation."); note.SetCreationDateTime(GetLocalDateTime()); note.SetModifiedDateTime(GetLocalDateTime()); note.SetUniqueID(WString::FromLocal(RandomUID())); // Add state annotation to note annotation Note state = note.AddStateAnnot(Markup::e_StateModelReview, Markup::e_StateAccepted); state.SetContent(L"Accepted set by Foxit SDK"); state.SetTitle(L"Foxit SDK"); state.SetModifiedDateTime(GetLocalDateTime()); state.SetUniqueID(WString::FromLocal(RandomUID())); state.ResetAppearanceStream(); // Appearance should be reset. note.ResetAppearanceStream(); cout << "Add a note annotation." << endl; // Save PDF file
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using foxit; using foxit.common; using foxit.common.fxcrt; using foxit.pdf; using foxit.pdf.annots; using (PDFDoc doc = new PDFDoc()) { // Add a blank A4 page to the document PDFPage page = doc.InsertPage(0, 595, 842); // Get first page with index 0 using (PDFPage page = doc.GetPage(0)) { // Add note annotation Note note = null; Annot annot = null; using (annot = page.AddAnnot(Annot.Type.e_Note, new RectF(10, 350, 50, 400))) using (note = new Note(annot)) { note.SetIconName("Comment"); note.SetSubject("Note"); note.SetTitle("Foxit SDK"); note.SetContent("Note annotation."); note.SetCreationDateTime(GetLocalDateTime()); note.SetModifiedDateTime(GetLocalDateTime()); note.SetUniqueID(RandomUID()); } // Add state annotation to note annotation using (Note state = note.AddStateAnnot(Markup.StateModel.e_StateModelReview, Markup.State.e_StateAccepted)) { state.SetContent("Accepted set by Foxit SDK"); state.SetTitle("Foxit SDK"); state.SetModifiedDateTime(GetLocalDateTime()); state.SetUniqueID(RandomUID()); state.ResetAppearanceStream(); // Appearance should be reset. note.ResetAppearanceStream(); Console.WriteLine("Add a note annotation."); } // Save PDF file String newPdf = output_path + "annotation.pdf"; doc.SaveAs(newPdf, (int)PDFDoc.SaveFlags.e_SaveFlagNoOriginal);
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Developing with Foxit

Built for Windows

Foxit PDF SDK for Windows features multiple libraries: C++, C# (.NET and .NET Core), C, Python and Java, built to run in both desktop and server environments, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Developer Benefits

Available for both Windows Servers & Desktops

In Desktop

Allow your users to view, navigate, edit, annotate, sign, fill forms, secure, redact, manipulate, mark-up and print PDF documents quickly and easily from your application.

In Server

Programmatically create, merge, split (or perform any of the actions on the left!) millions of PDF documents through our C++, C#, C, Python and Java libraries.

Smart Forms

Give users the ability to fill out digital forms on the go with their device of choice. Apps have never been more productive!

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Digital Signature

Use ink signatures to let customers sign documents in their digital devices. Sign PDF in web apps easily without needing to print a file to sign again!

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PDF Annotations

Our PDF SDK provides full support for displaying and annotating PDF in web applications with an extensive range of functions for creating, editing or importing/exporting annotations.

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Robust functionality

More Features

Viewing & rendering

Our core API provides for high-fidelity rendering of PDF documents with optimized performance for desktop and mobile platforms.

Full-text search

Fast full-text search for any PDF document, language, or encoding type. The SQLite-based full-text search delivers near-instant results, even for repositories on any digital device.



XFA Forms

XFA Forms are XML-based forms wrapped inside a PDF. Securely capture, present, move, process, output, update and print information associated with static and dynamic XFA forms. Simplify your data sharing, transportation and availability with XFA.

Digital Rights Management

Keep your PDF documents secure by connecting your application and files to Microsoft’s Rights Management Services platform natively. Foxit PDF SDK also integrates with your IRM and DRM solution.

OCR Scanning

Convert scanned documents to searchable text PDFs with our highly accurate enterprise optical character recognition (OCR) software. Designed for scanning, and archiving, our robust functionality outputs 13 different file formats including PDF & PDF/A.


Programmatically search and sensor sensitive information in a document for legal or security purposes to keep your customer and employee information safe. Click here to see how you can achieve full GDPR-compliance.


Leverage our conversion and verification technology to turn regular PDFs into PDF/A compliant documents. If you are already working with PDF/A in your processes, proactively verify third-party PDFs you receive are PDF/A compliant.

Fitting your workflow

More tools


Instantly add PDF Viewing to your ActiveX-based Windows apps. Get to market with our visual programming components. PDF SDK ActiveX is ideal for product managers and developers who want an easy to use and customizable visual component that they can simply drag and drop into their application to quickly create a PDF Viewing application without requiring any PDF expertise.

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