GDPR Compliance

At Foxit, we help dozens of customers achieve full GDPR compliance. If your document management system needs to be reviewed due to new regulation, Foxit can help.

What is


On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented across Europe and any companies who have customers in any EU country. This regulation impacts how companies collect and process data from individuals who live within the EU. If you are unsure about how GDPR will affect your business, read more on the official GDPR website.

We work with many enterprise customers to ensure their document management is GDPR compliant. Every company is different, but processes can be streamlined.

Unsure how your document management system will hold up under GDPR? Contact our team, and a senior member will get in touch to discuss your options.

The details

New requirements under GDPR

Personal Infomation reports

Under new EU regulations, anyone within the EU that you store personal information about (clients, prospects, even your own employees) can ask for a full report of every piece of information you have on them which they should receive in 30 days or less. Personal information is any information that can identify a person, e.g. Name, Address, Email, etc.

Privacy impact assessment

All businesses with personal information on an EU citizen must abide by GDPR, regardless of size, location, or type. You must conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment, or PIA, on all systems that hold personal information to ensure that it is safe and secure, and also easily supplied to the person if requested.

A Privacy Impact Assessment gives a complete view of the risk of proposed personal data processing, and outlines possible steps to make processing more secure.

preparing for gdpr

3 steps to get started

Audit how you treat customer data

Audit the way you treat customer data within your document management and archiving systems. Can you easily find, edit, redact or delete that information?

Leverage your document metadata

Leverage PDF metadata within your document system so that personal information can be easily found in files.

Conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment

A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) gives a complete view of the risk of proposed personal data processing, and outlines possible steps to make processing more secure.

Features for GDPR

Foxit’s features help you become compliant

Full Text Search

If a customer requests all their information you hold, you need to be able to search all your documents for references to that customer quickly and easily.

Our full-text search scans all your PDF documents for instances of a word or snippet of text, including special characters, eliminating the need to search manually.


Redaction is a great tool to censor or obscure information in an important document without altering its authenticity.

If someone asks for their information to be deleted from your systems, you can easy redact information in contracts, invoices and other documents while retaining the valid legal documents for future proof of business, with just a click of a mouse.


You can set the metadata of a PDF document to make files easier to categorize and search.

For instance, a customer’s profile in your database will have a unique code that can be added to document metadata when personal information is present. If information is requested, you can search for the unique code, which pulls any documents with that customer’s data in a matter of seconds.

Archiving with PDF/A

Not only is PDF is the most secure file format on the market, but the PDF/A document type also holds an ISO Standard to ensure all important rendering information is included before archiving.

This ensures that your archived documents will always look the same at any time, on any system.

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