Manufacturing requires extensive documentation in order to be efficient, consistent, and safe.  Fast and organized production of invoices, purchase orders, receipts, specifications, RFPs, process and procedure documents, user manuals, technical information, operating instructions, marketing materials – and more – are essential to keeping your business running smoothly.

Digital documentation offers substantial benefits for manufacturers in streamlining production, ensuring the highest levels of quality control, reducing time spent filing and retrieving paperwork, and keeping confidential information secure.


Create and edit digital documents with ease

A major benefit of the PDF format is its stable formatting, and the ability to integrate diagrams, images, schematics, and text in a single document. Foxit PDF editors allow documents to be created and edited with ease, annotating a PDF as easily as making notes on paper.

Using OCR tools found in PDF SDK means paper records and drawings can also be imported and converted to PDF, making their text readable and allowing these documents to be easily retrieved with text search.


Automate workflows with many stakeholders

When each project involves hundreds of moving parts, from dozens of potential suppliers, the potential for documents – even digital documents – such as invoices, purchase orders, receipts, and change orders to get lost in the shuffle grows unacceptably high.

The manufacturing industry needs ways to not only create and edit PDF documents, but manage, organize, and search them with ease. Automating steps in a workflow ensures each document is sent to the right person at the right time before being stored in the correct location.

The digitization of documents also allows the manufacturing industry to speed up their internal workflows – just adopting electronic signatures can reduce document turnaround time by up to 80%.


Collaborate safely on multiple versions

Bringing a product to market can mean tens of people collaborating on every document, and hundreds of versions. However, whereas in some industries the wrong document just means a meeting gets rescheduled, in manufacturing it could mean shipping a defective product – with catastrophic consequences.

PDF technology allows documents to be “partially locked”, keeping crucial elements safe from change while allowing annotations and signatures to be added. Manufacturing companies need robust version control for documents with facilities for annotation and collaboration, as well as a way to track who made which changes.


Store documents in compliant archival formats

Manufacturing companies deal with many forms of documents – from text records, to spreadsheets to drawings. PDF is the ideal storage format for these as it is the most stable, and even large files such as high resolution blueprints can be stored in compressed form.

Manufacturing companies need to ensure the PDF documents they create and share are compliant with the standards for archival documents and engineering documents – PDF/A and PDF/E respectively. As enterprise companies tend to build PDF applications in house rather than relying on off the shelf solutions, these compliance checks must be built into their architecture.


Foxit PDF SDK arms developers with the tools to develop enterprise-class PDF applications that fulfill all the needs of a modernizing manufacturing sector. Chosen by Google to be the underpinning technology for their open-source PDF engine for its versatility and power, it is the chosen PDF solution for major manufacturers such as Ford, Dow Chemical and Boeing.


  • Built-in tools for PDF/A and PDF/E Compliance

Foxit PDF SDK comes with several built-in PDF libraries providing developers with all the tools needed to easily deliver PDF/A or PDF/E compliant documents.

  • Streamlined and automated processes and workflows

Reduce document turnaround time and administrative burden by enforcing compliant document standards, introducing digital signatures and programmatically controlling the flow of documentation.

  • All-­in-­one solution

Foxit PDF SDK can tackle any high ­level operations such as generating, editing, annotating, merging, splitting, adding content, removing content, signing, copying, pasting, allowing for streamlined collaborative generation of documents.

  • Developer support at every step

More than just a software development kit, Foxit offers comprehensive developer support at every step. Demos and sample code are provided to help developers our staff are on hand to help integration with existing programs and workflows.

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Key facts

  • Built-in tools for PDF/A and PDF/E Compliance
  • Streamlined and automated processes and workflows
  • All-­in-­one solution
  • Developer support at every step