Digital Rights Management

Secure your PDF documents by connecting your application to Microsoft’s Rights Management Services platform. Foxit PDF SDK integrates with any IRM and DRM solution, and our information protection technology is available on all platforms.

Our API is designed to protect access and data usage through apps which are “rights-enabled”.

Developing with Foxit

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Password protect, encrypt & decrypt

Provide basic security by requiring passwords to open documents. Share passwords with select team members to control access and ensure maximum document security.

We provide a range of functions to meet varying levels of document security, from regular password encryption to certificate-driven encryption. Enjoy 2.0 compliance with 256-bit AES encryption.

Plug & play RMS

Use Foxit PDF SDK with any existing RMS for ease of access for the whole company. Our RMS can plug into all major DRM systems for seamless PDF workflow integration.

Create user accounts

Decide which employees can view, edit and comment on PDF documents. You have complete control over your content.

Robust functionality

More features

Protect personally identifying information

Dynamic policy control over all content

Easy development with other DRMs

Perform specific tasks

Industry Use Cases

Document security in banking

The number one priority in the banking and financial sector should be keeping bank statements, contracts and other confidential documents safe. With Foxit PDF SDK we can ensure tight security with our ability to plug into any popular RMS system, password protection, encryption and user access groups. Personal information is safe when using our PDF SDK.

Password protection in engineering

Within any project, files need to be safe but it can be hard to keep files protected when sharing them with many people. Password protection in our PDF library can allow you this protection across many domains to keep documents safe and within an enclosed environment.

Encryption in insurance

Keeping personally identifiable information safe from data breaches both internally and externally is paramount in insurance. Foxit’s PDF redaction library allows you to encrypt files being sent inside and outside your business to ensure the highest security possible.

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