Latest release

Welcome to Foxit PDF SDK for Web 10.0.0! This new version brings significant performance enhancements by dynamically loading the WASM library and refactoring the bookmark module. With notable features like dynamic XFA form filling and 3D rendering/viewing, you can experience a new level of interactivity and immersiveness with your PDF forms and 3D objects. From improved editing and annotation capabilities to seamless form import/export and PDF signing functionalities, our update is designed to elevate your PDF workflow. Enhance your productivity and efficiency now – with Foxit PDF SDK for Web 10.0.0.

Web SDK Upgrades

This release adopts dynamic WASM library loading method and refactors the bookmark module for enhanced performance. This new version now supports dynamic XFA form filling and 3D rendering/viewing, allowing for more engaging work with your PDFs. The annotation feature has been enhanced to enable the selection of multiple objects, setting of appearance streams, and reordering of annotations within the stack. Editing capabilities have been improved, enabling users to edit text with custom fonts in the UI and set styles for the AddText and EditText tools. Forms can now be exported to/from JSON, with notifications upon data import completion. In terms of signature features, users can now specify the signing time and signer information during signing and create groups of signatures using a single /V dictionary. Many other enhancements have also been included in this update. Check out the changelog for full information on the release.

Web Changelog Web Changelog

Desktop SDK

Elevate your application development with Foxit PDF SDK, a powerful toolkit designed to integrate advanced PDF capabilities directly into your desktop applications. Our comprehensive desktop SDK now includes 3D rendering, OFD rendering, DWG to PDF conversion, OFD-PDF bidirectional conversion, and sophisticated paragraph editing tools, empowering developers to create feature-rich, high-performance PDF solutions. With support for Windows, Mac, and Linux, the Desktop SDK is engineered for versatility and efficiency, ensuring seamless document handling and exceptional user experiences across platforms. Check out the changelog for full information on the release.

Desktop Changelog Desktop Changelog

Mobile SDK

When it comes to mobile, we’ve added new event handling for reflowing pages and renderer, new APIs to support displaying logical page numbers and toolbar position customization, enhanced the double-tap event listener, page event listener, document event listener, and more.

Mobile Changelog Mobile Changelog
More updates

New in PDF SDK 10.0.0 for Desktop

Enhanced 3D and OFD Rendering

Experience the cutting-edge 3D rendering capabilities and seamless OFD rendering, bringing your documents to life with vivid detail and precision.


PDF Conversion

Streamline your workflows with the new DWG to PDF conversion feature, and enjoy the convenience of bidirectional conversion between OFD and PDF formats.

Advanced Paragraph Editing

Take control of your content with our sophisticated paragraph-based editing tools, designed to provide a superior level of document refinement and customization.

Dedicated SDK for Node.js

Expand your development options with our dedicated Node.js library, opening up new possibilities for creating dynamic and scalable PDF solutions.


Broad Platform Compatibility

Embrace the versatility of AnyCPU support, ensuring your applications run smoothly across a diverse array of system architectures.

Optimized Performance

Enjoy efficient rendering and parsing for pages dense with Path objects, and benefit from the enhanced productivity with multithreading support for the Compliance module and multiprocessing support for the OCR add-on.