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Foxit PDF SDK 8.0 is a game changing release in the PDF world and comes with lots of new features and upgrades to our web-based JavaScript web viewer, desktop SDK and mobile SDK. We also have a brand new viewer demo for PDF SDK for Web and a new website.

Web SDK Upgrades

On the Web SDK side of things, we’ve added a brand new web viewer demo to show you how to get the most out of our JavaScript based PDF library.

We’ve also enhanced our new collaboration feature meaning you can now synchronize annotations and page manipulation among multiple instances of the PDF viewer. Easily deploy the SDK in your own application and manage real-time access from any user. We’ve also added a brand new accessibility features including high contrast support and a Text-to-Speech tool in the Web SDK.

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Desktop SDK

For our desktop SDK, we’ve added new platform support for ARM Linux, major improvements to HTMLtoPDF functionality, form export data to CSV and much more.

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Mobile SDK

When it comes to mobile, we have a new mobile UI for you to check out that offers more consistency with the desktop UI along with the rest of the Foxit family products , signatures improvements with a new event to detect if a signature has been applied and comment annotation summary at UI level. Download it today!

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More updates

New in PDF SDK 8.0

Brand new SDK for Web demo

This release comes with a brand new Web SDK demo which contains a guided walkthrough of our SDK and its latest features.

Advanced Collaboration Capabilities

In our previous release, we launched a PDF collaboration feature where you could have multiple instances of a PDF viewer with real time collaboration on a document. Since then, we’ve been working hard on upgrading this feature and you can now control access and permissions of PDFs, disable particular functionality and use toolbar buttons to give you more control over your work environments.

High Contrast Support & Text-to-Speech Tool

Accessibility was a big focus for this release and we have added two new features to this effect. High contrast support enables you to offer a better viewing experience as it makes reading easier on a device. The Text-to-speech tool converts any written text in a PDF to spoken word, again making life easier for those hard of hearing or those who prefer to listen instead of reading.

Advanced Form Functionality

Forms are always a big focus and we’ve added additional widget support, new form field option controls, and more advanced forms. We’ve also added XFA support to our SDK to give you more control over your forms and workflows.