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Welcome to Foxit PDF SDK for Web 8.5! This release comes with an updated web viewer demo, support for document comparison, rendering/scaling/zooming performance optimization, and much more! We also have info on this page for PDF SDK for Desktop 8.4 & Mobile 8.4.

Web SDK Upgrades

This release comes with an updated web viewer demo, support for document comparison, rendering/scaling/zooming performance optimization, and much more! Check out the changelog for full information on the release.

Web Changelog Web Changelog

Desktop SDK

For our desktop SDKs, we now fully support Python for Windows, Linux and Mac! This is due to a big increase in demand, and we are now pleased to offer it. This popular language now gives you more choice and flexibility when building your applications. We’ve also worked on support for PDF table generation for desktop along with a host of new additions you can find in the changelog.

Desktop Changelog Desktop Changelog

Mobile SDK

When it comes to mobile, we’ve added support for annotation control permissions for editing at API level, right-to-left page reading support, an auto complete feature for form filling and much more.

Mobile Changelog Mobile Changelog
More updates

New in PDF SDK 8.5 for Web

Zoom in/out Optimization for Web

We’ve worked a lot on our zooming functionality in this release and the results are clear in the comparisons below. The new zooming function is much smoother when increasing or decreasing the level of magnification. This massively improves the experience of your PDF viewing application users.

PDF SDK for Web 8.4
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PDF SDK for Web 8.5

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PDF Document Comparison for Web

This brand new API enables you to perform a side by side comparison of PDFs. You can also highlight elements that are different via filters as well as plan/zoom in synchronization. Take a look at the UI below and download our full Web package today to get started!


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Full support for Python and Python Wheels on desktop

We now support Python on Windows, Linux and Mac. You can also make use of Python Wheel installation from pip. A Python Wheel is a type of package format (similar to a ZIP archive) to make installation faster. Pip is a package manager/installer for Python. This support was added as a result of many developers who wanted to use Python for their projects. PDF SDK brings you industry-leading PDF technology to your Python applications, either working on a web-based environment or desktop. Enjoy the added flexibility with Python and PDF SDK.

Support for PDF table generation in Desktop

You can now use our edit APIs to create tables that contain rows and columns with whatever height/width you require. Tables are a tricky thing to get right in PDF and this is something the Foxit team have been working on a lot for this release. We’re pleased to announce the following controls with this feature:

  • Format cell borders (line thickness, color and dash)
  • Control row/column height and width
  • Write text/image contents in a cell
  • Set margins between content and cell borders
  • Format content style (font, size, color, alignment, text annotations)
  • Merge cells functionality

New SDK for Web Demo

This release comes with a newly updated Web SDK demo which contains a guided walkthrough of our SDK and its latest features. View our Web demo by clicking below.

Click here.

New Demos

We’ve enhanced the signature demo in the PDF SDK for Web viewer here by adding more timestamp illustrations as well as created sound annotation illustrations to the Annotation demo here. We’ve also created a new print demo for .NET Core to show you how to get the most out of our new features. Download our SDK here and take a look.