Latest release

Foxit PDF SDK 8.1 is here! This release comes with new APIs, UI improvements, major form enhancements, quality of life improvements and much more!

Web SDK Upgrades

On the Web SDK side of things, we’ve improved measurement annotations, added loading button customization options, and you can now add multiple watermarks simultaneously. We’ve also created a React integration for create-react-app that adds the effect hook feature to your project. You can view the project on Github here.

Web Changelog Web Changelog

Desktop SDK

For our desktop SDK, we’ve added new API support for Java for Mac, HTML to PDF conversion exports as streams, automatic form field recognition along with a host of new additions you can find in the changelog.

Desktop Changelog Desktop Changelog

Mobile SDK

When it comes to mobile, we’ve added support for Android 11, added a split view feature for iPads and made UI enhancements to signature fields.

Mobile Changelog Mobile Changelog
More updates

New in PDF SDK 8.1

Java for Mac Support Added

You can now develop apps with the SDK using the brand new Java for Mac API. In the 8.1 Java developer guide, you can find out how to use any functionality within the SDK. Enjoy the added convenience and latest technology in the PDF SDK world with this update.

Android 11 Now Available

The latest version of Android is now available with our mobile PDF SDK. With well over a quarter of all Android devices currently running this version, you’ll have the most up to date Android for your apps. Additionally, Android 11 includes better protection of user data and access to devices, which is now also fully available to your PDF application.

Automatic Form Field Recognition

You can now quickly create interactive forms in the SDK with automatic form field recognition. If you use Windows, you will make use of the OCR engine by initializing it before calling the form field recognition function. This feature can massively improve your document workflows and help you get forms ready faster.

Improved Measurement Annotations

We’ve worked a lot on improving measurement annotations in this release, particularly for editing leading lines and measurement text at both UI and API levels. You can now add leaders to the distance line, and set the leader line offset, length and extension. This gives you more control over your annotations and makes marking up much easier.

New SDK for Web Demo

This release comes with a newly updated Web SDK demo which contains a guided walkthrough of our SDK and its latest features. View our Web demo by clicking below.

New Demos

We’ve enhanced the graphics objects demo for Java, Objective-C, .NET and plain C. We’ve also created a react app demo for effect hook, added an annotation demo to export annotation data to JSON, and more to show you how to get the most out of our new features. Download our SDK today and take a look.