Latest release

The first release of 2022 is here with Foxit PDF SDK 8.3! This release comes with new APIs, UI improvements, merging enhancements, quality of life improvements and much more.

Web SDK Upgrades

On the Web SDK side of things, we now support WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications). This continues the strong work we have done over the past year on accessibility and helps your users who rely on screen readers or cannot use a mouse. We’ve also rewritten the thumbnail components to make customization much easier than previously. And finally, merging documents can now be done automatically or by dragging and dropping in the pages panel.

Web Changelog Web Changelog

Desktop SDK

For our desktop SDKs, we now support a Python API for Windows! This is due to a big increase in demand, and we are now pleased to offer it with version 8.3. This popular language now gives you more choice and flexibility when building your applications. We’ve also worked on text overflow for freetext annotations, lots of HTML2PDF enhancements along with a host of new additions you can find in the changelog.

Desktop Changelog Desktop Changelog

Mobile SDK

When it comes to mobile, we’ve added support for the Apple Pencil on iOS, optimized XFA document form field set value processing time and enhanced UI performance, output quality in printing, and text display effects in reflow mode for Android.

Mobile Changelog Mobile Changelog
More updates

New in PDF SDK 8.3

Python API support for PDF SDK for Windows

Python is one of the most popular programming languages and we now offer a Python API for PDF SDK for Windows. This support was added as a result of many developers who wanted to use Python for their projects. PDF SDK brings you industry-leading PDF technology to your Python applications, either working on a web-based environment or desktop. Enjoy the added flexibility with Python and PDF SDK. Download it here.

Supported versions include 2.7 and 3.9. If you are looking for support to a different version, contact our team.

WAI-ARIA support for Web

Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) is a technical specification that increases the accessibility of webpages. In this update, WAI-ARIA provides additional tags that can be easily inserted into HTML documents. WAI-ARIA is a cross-platform cross-device solution for the Open Web Platform and can help you to better meet the needs of your users who can’t use a mouse or require a screen reader.

HTML2PDF Enhancements

We’ve worked extensively on improving our HTML2PDF functionality in this release. Here are some of the main enhancements. 

  • Specify input encoding format for HTML file’s HTML2PDF conversion 

Related API: foxit::addon::conversion::HTML2PDFSettingData 

Related info: enum foxit::addon::conversion::HTML2PDFSettingData::HTML2PDFEncodingFormat 

  • Add a flag to set whether to print background for HTML2PDF 

Related info: enum foxit::addon::conversion::HTML2PDFSettingData::HTML2PDFMediaStyle 

  • Add header and footer customization for HTML2PDF 

Related API: foxit::addon::conversion::HTML2PDFSettingData  

  • Options to turn off the capture of images for HTML2PDF 

Related API: Foxit::addon::conversion::HTML2PDFSettingData  

  • Options to decide whether to optimize tags for HTML2PDF 

Related API: Related API:foxit::addon::conversion::HTML2PDFSettingData  

  • Add option to Remove underline decoration of hyperlinks for HTML2PDF 

Related API: Related API:foxit::addon::conversion::HTML2PDFSettingData 

Merge documents automatically or with drag & drop in the page panel

Combining files has become that bit easier with this release as you can now do it programmatically or simply with the drag & drop method in the page panel. Seamlessly merge files on the backend without your end-user even knowing it or improve your user experience with an easy draggable feature you can customize anywhere. Take a look below at how easy it is:

Rewriten Thumbnails component to make customization easier

As an addition to the merging capabilities, you now have customization options for your page thumbnails. Scaling the thumbnails, reordering and deleting pages is now easily accessible, all keeping good resolution. A key capability to have in many PDF viewers, controlling and managing thumbnails takes your application to the next level.

thumbnail redesign

New SDK for Web Demo

This release comes with a newly updated Web SDK demo which contains a guided walkthrough of our SDK and its latest features. View our Web demo by clicking below.

Click here.

New Demos

We’ve enhanced the signature demo in the PDF SDK for Web viewer here by adding more timestamp illustrations as well as created sound annotation illustrations to the Annotation demo here. We’ve also created a new print demo for .NET Core to show you how to get the most out of our new features. Download our SDK here and take a look.