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How to Save Files to Your Server Using Foxit PDF SDK for Web

by PDF SDK | December 19, 2022
The ability to save files such as images, videos, and PDFs to a server is a common convenience across industries. As a developer, you’ll need to prioritize this feature when building applications. The following are some use cases in which it’s necessary to save files to a server: * Invoices: Businesses and individuals increasingly use […]
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Build Your Own PDF App Using Python and PDF SDK

by PDF SDK | November 28, 2022
Originally developed by Adobe in the 1990s, portable document format (PDF) has emerged as one of the most popular formats for electronic documents in the world. Monthly archives from Common Crawl show that PDF is second only to HTML in its crawled web content. At the PDF Technical Conference 2015, Phil Ydens, VP of Engineering […]
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How to Use Foxit APIs to Create Tables in a PDF Document

by PDF SDK | November 21, 2022
Tables are a great way to organize data in a clear and concise manner. They’re often used to show the relationships between different variables that are too complicated to be adequately described via plain text. Tables are also often required in PDF documents, like when you need to convert Excel spreadsheets or database dumps such […]
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How to Create and Use PDF Templates with Foxit PDF SDK

by PDF SDK | November 9, 2022
PDF templates are a vital tool for many modern businesses. They serve as a standardized canvas that organizations can use to easily create, read, and update content for internal and external stakeholders. Before PDF documents were in common use, document formatting was a struggle for individuals and organizations. Varying document software meant there was no […]
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Create an Automated File Merging Service Using Foxit PDF SDK

by PDF SDK | October 3, 2022
In addition to saving paper, one of the best aspects of working exclusively with electronic documents is convenience. There are so many efficient ways to manipulate and manage text files. To further streamline your workload, you can also automate tasks such as file merging. If you need to combine attachments from emails or direct messages, […]
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