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Foxit can help you stay on top of compliance for your industry.

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Our technology strengths

Privacy by Design

Holding personal information on customers means taking an active role in securing their data. Our security features include password protection and encryption, keeping sensitive information safe.

Protection of Personal Data

Redaction allows you to hide parts of a document for legal or security purposes. Using our PDF technology, you can protecting customer data from the front- and the back-end of the document forever.

Zugferd standards

Foxit adheres to ZUGFeRD invoicing standards, which means creating two rendered versions of an invoice: a PDF/A-3 version, with an XML version attached to it. We can help you create an efficient workflow that allows you to create ZUGFeRD compliant invoices.

Why Choose Foxit

for your business?

Better rendering quality

Supporting Fortune 500 customers that demand quality, we have the engineers, resources and the need to provide best-in-league rendering quality.

Better rendering speed

Compared to our competitors, Foxit’s technology is faster, more accurate, and it works.

Worldwide support

With a truly world-wide presence, Foxit can provide you with the local support that you need through email, online messaging and phone calls in real-time.

Out of memory management

The Out of Memory Management (OOM) feature will ensure that the SDK automatically recovers from any anomalous events with minimal effect to the users experience.

Superior font handling

Foxit’s superior font matching algorithm can accurately determine which substitute most closely resembles the original non-embedded font and uses that to display the text.

Optimized for mobile

Foxit Software is probably best known for its small, fast and lightweight Foxit Reader app, which matches Adobe Reader’s rendering quality, but beats it in speed.

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