Our simple UI for Kotlin lets you integrate Foxit’s powerful PDF technology seamlessly into your Android apps.

How to implement

Kotlin with Foxit PDF

In order to use Kotlin with our Foxit PDF SDK you will need to do two things.

1. Download a free trial of Foxit PDF SDK for Android

2. Visit our Github project on Kotlin

Solutions for developers

Kotlin + Foxit PDF SDK

Fits your workflow

Designed to work using Java, Foxit PDF SDK can easily be integrated into your development process. Kotlin code in Android Studio 3.0 can be converted from Java.

Kotlin vs. Java

Kotlin is interchangeable with Java, easier to learn, and has more concise code than Java. It also has first-class Android Studio support.

Official Android language

As a statically typed programming language, Kotlin was designed for multi-platform applications. It works with Java and relies on the existing Java Class Library, like the collections framework. In May 2017, Google announced Kotlin as an official language for Android.

Used everywhere

Trusted by some of the world’s largest companies.

Take a look at who uses our technology.