React Native

Develop Android and iOS mobile applications using JavaScript and React Native, natively — no need to develop for each platform separately.

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Implement React Native with Foxit PDF SDK

Why Choose Foxit

for your business?

Foxit PDF SDK 7.4 comes with loads of new features and enhancements. In our desktop SDK we’ve added support for a much requested PowerPoint to PDF conversion as well as a brand-new add-on for printing.

Solutions for developers

React Native + Foxit PDF SDK

Easy installation

All you need to start your project is node.js, react-native-cli and PDF SDK for both Android and iOS. Once installed and open, you can use standard commands for both platforms, separating them into different folders so that your app will work on both instantly.

Speed and efficiency

React Native is known for its efficiency in data retrieval and performance for applications running in APIs, like Foxit PDF SDK for Android/iOS. Because you will be developing in JavaScript, code is compiled and runs faster than native apps.

UI Customization

For UI customization, please view our Android and iOS guides to implementing the UIExtensions project.

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