Our last 2018 upgrade of Foxit PDF SDK for Web provides further technical and security improvements. We’ve developed a new encryption API to ensure safe transmission of data between client-browser and server, improved the performance of our code when saving files, expanded the parameters for setting path objects and annotations states, and much more! Added to that, we are releasing new interactive features like voice recordings and annotations, the ability to create custom stamps, screenshots (you won’t see that anywhere else!), and complete control of your right-click context menus.  Why wait? Start your Foxit PDF SDK for Web trial today. Ready to see what Foxit PDF SDK can do for you in your next project? Talk to our team today to see it in action.

Voice Recording/Annotations 

Their annotations speak for themselves. The voice recording/annotation feature is accompanied by Foxit’s reliable performance and allows you to manipulate data as any other annotation, making it a truly interactive asset for your PDF viewer.

Encryption API for client-server data transfers

Since Foxit PDF SDK for Web is a client-side solution that relies on the browser to display the PDF, we are constantly working on ways to better secure the data transfer between the client and the server and stay ahead of the curve. We’ve developed an encryption REST API that you can use to encrypt (single file and/or batch encryption are supported) with password protection. Our internal JavaScript file (EncryptPDFPassword.js) receives the command from your server to carry the encrypted text password that will be unlocked in the client-browser. That way you can be sure your information can’t be intercepted during the server-client data transfer.  We created a demo to show the REST API in action: https://developers.foxitsoftware.com/kb/article/use-foxit-pdf-sdk-web-encryption-api/


We’ve added the ability to take snapshots of the current screen from the PDF viewer. You can now easily develop your own ‘screenshot’ button in easy steps: https://developers.foxitsoftware.com/kb/article/implement-snapshot-button-foxit-pdf-sdk-web

Right-click menu customization

Now it is easier than ever to create fully customizable right-click context menus to deliver a more natural and intuitive experience to your users. Here is how to create your first menu today: https://developers.foxitsoftware.com/kb/article/customize-context-menu-right-click-foxit-pdf-sdk-web/ Why wait? Start your Foxit PDF SDK for Web trial today. Ready to see what Foxit PDF SDK can do for you in your next project? Talk to our team today to see it in action.