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Where records are kept digital, opportunities arise for version control and collaboration. Working as a team on a document, even when staff are scattered across the world, keeps everyone on the same page and projects on track .

Engineered for Success

Our technology strengths

Full-Text Search

Having the ability to search through hundreds or thousands of documents within seconds can help customers identify information without having to read through documents manually.

Document Security

Foxit Software’s security features include digital signing certificates and password protection that are a cut above the rest, so your documentation is safe from prying eyes.


Using our technology, you can make programmatic modifications to metadata and properties in your documents, so you do not fall foul to the issue of ‘hidden’ information that can endanger your company and your client.

Full PDF Searchability

Using PDF technology, companies in the document management industry can help their users easily find information deep in a document or labyrinth of documents within seconds.

Superior document insights

Document metadata is no different than information written within a document. Foxit Software lets you edit document metadata to ensure that readers of documents cannot access commercially sensitive data.

Guaruntee full document security to your customers

Foxit Software has security features used by big players in all industries that ensure personal information is not accessible to the wrong people. Adding passwords to documents and disallowing downloads are only two secure ways to share documents.

Why Choose Foxit

for your business?

Better rendering quality

Supporting Fortune 500 customers that demand quality, we have the engineers, resources and the need to provide best-in-league rendering quality.

Better rendering speed

Compared to our competitors, Foxit’s technology is faster, more accurate, and it works.

Worldwide support

With a truly world-wide presence, Foxit can provide you with the local support that you need through email, online messaging and phone calls in real-time.

Out of memory management

The Out of Memory Management (OOM) feature will ensure that the SDK automatically recovers from any anomalous events with minimal effect to the users experience.

Superior font handling

Foxit’s superior font matching algorithm can accurately determine which substitute most closely resembles the original non-embedded font and uses that to display the text.

Optimized for mobile

Foxit Software is probably best known for its small, fast and lightweight Foxit Reader app, which matches Adobe Reader’s rendering quality, but beats it in speed.

The Important Choice

Foxit for Document Management


Full-Text Searchable


Edge case effectivity


Increased Efficiencies


Increase in Process Automation


Current State of the Paperless Movement

This white paper is the result of conducting research among our customer database. It was created to discuss the idea of a paperless office within all industries across the world. In it, we discuss the findings of our research and how to overcome common office issues that organizations have when trying to become paperless.

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