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Bringing applications to market is a constant battle between keeping timelines and costs manageable without sacrificing performance and functionality.

Today’s tech companies can use smart tools like PDF libraries to stay ahead of the competition, reduce time to market and free up development resources that can be better used elsewhere. This enables them to focus on adding value to their product rather than getting bogged down in specifications.

Rapidly Integrate PDF Functionality to Applications

As PDF cements itself as the most dominant and ubiquitous document format, new applications must be prepared to interact with them. Whether merely allowing end-users to view them correctly, incorporating more advanced editing tools, or extracting sections to interact with other parts of your software, it cannot simply be ignored.

Foxit’s developer-friendly PDF libraries allows these basic and advanced features to be added to applications with just a few lines of code, removing the need to get to grips with the complexities of the PDF specifications.

Build Once, Deploy Multiple Times

In 2014, mobile users surpassed web users for the first time. Developers today must build solutions suitable for an ever increasing number of platforms and devices. PDF of course displays more consistently across devices than many other electronic document formats, however application functionality must also be maintained.

With new devices and platforms being released every few months, new edge cases crop up consistently and can’t be predicted in advance. In 100% of trialled edge cases, Foxit PDF solutions successfully rendered the document – one less stress factor for developers.

Responding to the need to deploy to multiple platforms in quick succession, Foxit’s PDF SDKs let developers build just one application but deploy multiple times with ease.

Scale Applications While Maintaining Performance

Building applications suitable for enterprise-class companies requires unparalleled power and performance. High-fidelity fast rendering is essential when used by thousands or more users at once and processing millions of documents.

Trusted by leading companies and institutions across industry sectors, Foxit solutions have been tested in the most demanding applications and ensure a consistent user experience, whether on web, mobile or desktop.

Keep Licensing Costs Down

Modern technology and software companies rely on smart tools to stay ahead of the competition and avoid reinventing the wheel – but each tool comes at a cost. While on the one hand, using these tools frees up developer time and cost to market, license and royalty fees can lead to overhead burdens that are hard to bear.

Foxit’s PDF solutions are completely, 100%, royalty free. As your applications and customer base scales, your royalty payments will not.

Foxit PDF SDK arms developers with the tools to rapidly integrate PDF functionality into any application. Chosen by Google to be the underpinning technology for their open-source PDF engine for its versatility and power, it is the chosen PDF solution for major technology and software companies such as Evernote, Amazon and Docusign.

The Important Choice

Key Benefits

Reduced time to market for software applications

High performance rendering and processing

Royalty-free licensing

All-in-one PDF editing tools

Multiple platform support

Developer support at every step

Why Choose Foxit

for your business?

Better rendering quality

Supporting Fortune 500 customers that demand quality, we have the engineers, resources and the need to provide best-in-league rendering quality.

Better rendering speed

Compared to our competitors, Foxit’s technology is faster, more accurate, and it works.

Worldwide support

With a truly world-wide presence, Foxit can provide you with the local support that you need through email, online messaging and phone calls in real-time.

Out of memory management

The Out of Memory Management (OOM) feature will ensure that the SDK automatically recovers from any anomalous events with minimal effect to the users experience.

Superior font handling

Foxit’s superior font matching algorithm can accurately determine which substitute most closely resembles the original non-embedded font and uses that to display the text.

Optimized for mobile

Foxit Software is probably best known for its small, fast and lightweight Foxit Reader app, which matches Adobe Reader’s rendering quality, but beats it in speed.

Used everywhere

Trusted by some of the world’s largest companies.

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