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Providing Safe Rail Transportation through PDF Communication

DiLoc|Sync distributes PDF documents to train drivers ensuring safety across all customer routes

Since this post was published, we have released Foxit PDF SDK, the only true multiplatform SDK in the market, available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, UWP and Web. It features a single, consistent core API, as well as a built-in viewer and UI for faster development. Learn more.

CN Consult supplies transportation applications for passenger and freight traffic customers. DiLoc|Sync simplifies operational processes for these customers by providing freight and passenger train drivers with up-to-date documents directly to their smart devices via a central communication platform.

Depending on driver responsibilities and types of cargo information like train manuals, changes to routes, updates to speed limits and essential details on freight cargo is needed. DiLoc|Sync allows the head office to pass this information to drivers in the form of PDF documents at the click of a button so that all the information a driver may need is in the palm of their hand.

An essential function of the application is device management, where all devices are synchronized. This means that if a device gets lost, it gets removed from the list of available devices. Disabling lost devices ensures that information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Foxit’s PDF SDK has allowed us to add functionality, like night mode, to our app, which has made our client’s jobs easier and driving a lot safer. – Marcel Bohländer, Product Manager, CN Consult

Night Mode

Providing train drivers with important documentation is only half of the battle. Routes across the world have many tunnels and other barriers to sight. With PDF SDK’s night mode, drivers can switch between day and night mode to view documents seamlessly. Regardless of when and where they need to look at reports, drivers have unrestricted viewing capabilities. Built-in search mode means that all information is available to drivers anywhere, at the touch of a button. Added abilities to the PDF Viewer include annotations and highlighting which gives drivers the ability to communicate head office over additional changes to critical information.

Style and Formatting

Using MobilePDF SDK has allowed CN Consult to create an integrated experience for their customers. Our UI extension allows developers to customize their user interface and control the functionality of their application tools. This gives developers full control over how PDFs display on their application, meaning that X, Y coordinates can be set to frames, and document displays can be modeled off the core application.