WebPDF Viewer

Innovative engineering solutions with EIDA’s Project Management Platform

EIDA saves time and money on engineering projects by bringing project management solutions to mobile devices.

EIDA Solutions provides project managers with a platform where they can define their work processes using real-time data to achieve transparency and control throughout their projects. As part of this solution, they provide a browser and mobile version of the platform for users to access their projects and files in a secure manner at their desks or on-the-go.

Using PDF SDK for Web, EIDA introduced annotations, comments and attachments to their pre-existing application. With the option of uploading images within user accounts, EIDA has provided a well-rounded product that their customers can use effectively.

Mobile Platforms

As there is no definitive mobile OS that engineers will use on a site visit, EIDA opted for MobilePDF SDK for both iOS and Android, while using WebPDF Viewer for desktop use through a browser, to ensure that their product was the right fit for their audience. When working on-the-go, project managers need to be able to update blueprints and documentation quickly and efficiently, so creating an application that can be used through mobile phones and other handheld devices was the best option for EIDA.

Providing an application that is accessible via mobile device, where you can comment, upload and attach documentation, helps engineering projects move faster and become more successful. Generating and reporting through PDF is paramount to EIDA’s service which allows certain aspects of the construction and commissioning phases of a project to be executed to a high standard.

Viewing PDFs

Working from a mobile device helps those in the field, but to create a consistent viewing experience with those in the office EIDA uses Foxit’s WebPDF Viewer. Ensuring that all staff use the same PDF Viewer means a seamless cross-platform viewing experience, with high-quality rendering of blueprints across the company. Once documents or blueprints have been annotated through the MobilePDF SDK they are synchronized to their server, where those with access can view these annotated documents on any device through a browser.

Without WebPDF Viewer or similar PDF viewing software, employees can have an inconsistent PDF viewing experience where the rendering of annotations may not be as high-quality. This could mean that annotations are placed in the wrong areas or in an unrelated part of a blueprint. Incorrect placing of notes could be detrimental to engineering companies as a wrong annotation could mean huge faults in a building or installment, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to correct at a later date. EIDA uses our viewer to ensure the highest quality work is the output of their product.

A Seamless Experience

EIDA believe in creating a seamless user experience for their customers, without compromising quality systems. Through ensuring that the whole project team can access the same documentation in real-time means that scope creep does not become an issue and high-quality work is carried out efficiently.

With the use of MobilePDF SDK and WebPDF Viewer, EIDA can ensure that engineers can execute site audit without having to carry around bulky equipment, and those in the office can start making changes to blueprints and documentation straight after a site visit.