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Global Blue is the worldwide industry leader in Tax-Free Shopping.

Global Blue’s Tax-Free Shopping solutions allow thousands of retailers, including most of the world’s best luxury, fast fashion and department store brands, to quickly and safely offer Globe Shoppers savings of up to 20% when shopping in 305,000 stores around the world.

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Global Blue invented the concept of Tax-Free Shopping 37 years ago and is now the worldwide industry leader. While its Tax-Free Form, given to shoppers by participating retailers, makes claiming VAT refunds at customs and Global Blue refund centers a quick and painless endeavor, the increasingly digital consumer market called for something more.

Through the use of Foxit’s ActiveX and .NET Print Manager products, Global Blue was able to help end users access their VAT refunds quickly and easily. The ActiveX SDK allowed the all-important forms to render correctly for end users so they could fill them in effortlessly every time. The .NET Print Manager took care of all Global Blue’s printing needs, including managing multiple print jobs, verifying printer settings, and handling successful or unsuccessful prints all from within the API. With the help of these two tools, Global Blue could continue to ensure that all VAT refunds were issued to Globe Shoppers efficiently.

Easy-to-use and Customizable

With the ability to create highly customizable forms, ActiveX allowed Global Blue to create forms just the way it wanted to. Its team did not need prior knowledge of PDF technology as ActiveX is purpose built to enable development in an agile environment.

World-Wide Reach

As the product is used globally, the PDF technology needed to power these huge forms needed to be scalable and fit for purpose. Foxit technology allowed Global Blue’s forms to contain special characters and numerous languages, signature verification and silent printing. This means that no matter where in the world a Globe Shopper is, they can still quickly and seamlessly receive a VAT refund for their shopping needs.