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Improving engineering through collaborative PDFs

IPI Solutions are revolutionizing engineering drawing with the use of annotated PDFs and Foxit’s PDF SDK.

IPI Solutions’s ‘Visual Integrated Process Improvement’ product allows customers to launch all their IPI Software solutions on one platform. They directly address and resolve the traditional bottlenecks issues such as feedback processing or late project communication, by providing software that can deliver feedback and communication in real-time, reducing the need to wait. The company helps many in the manufacturing industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, etc. The Visual IPI platform and associated apps are proven supply chain improvement tools, all dynamically linked to greatly improve associated processes, not only for the users directly and in turn the entire supply chain benefits.

External Usage

IPI Solutions used Foxit’s software to create a product solely for engineers. Designed for external use the product needed to be versatile and easy to use in order for the end user to be able to pick it up and use it quickly. Engineers can upload vector PDFs generated by CAD systems to IPI Solutions platform to be annotated and collaborated upon by other team members. In a time when engineers are busy onsite and traveling between places, it is hard to find time to review documents as a team so the ability to annotate remotely and collaborate efficiently is a huge win for the industry.

Previous Issues

In the past, using another provider, the company has had problems with out of memory issues. This related to large drawing with minute details within them, as the imaging library would rasterize part or all of the drawing. Foxit’s PDF SDK was able to handle large vector PDFs better than competitors leaving engineers able to view and comment on the position of even the smallest screw in a drawing, with no delays.

With the use of Foxit’s PDF SDK, IPI Solutions are able to provide high-quality vector PDFs that are paramount to engineers working on any sort of project. Allowing report data to be shared via an SQL Server, or on a local or network repository, they can ensure the success of projects through a quick and effective feedback loop.