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Loomion twelve – Harmonious Conversation Virtually

Seamless integration of PDF Technology provides an intuitive user interface for all virtual board communication

Loomion’s core business is to build secure digital Board portals for medium and large sized companies. Its flagship product, Loomion twelve, is a solution that allows board members to easily access relevant information in a secure environment. Loomion twelve provides a simple and intuitive navigation to all essential Board information in one view. It complies with state-of-the-art security standards to ensure strict confidentiality. Users can access Loomion twelve’s fully integrated functionality and features on the iPad and on most common web browsers. Its workflow enabled administration interface increases the efficiency of your Board office.


Loomion’s development team was searching for a rich-feature PDF solution that could easily integrate with twelve. The right PDF SDK would be powerful and offer high performance viewing and annotation of PDF documents. Requirements included:

  • Seamlessly product integration
  • Cross platform support for iOS, Android, Windows mobile and web based apps
  • Cost effective to enable a competitive price for twelve
  • Powerful annotation capabilities for highly legible PDF documents
  • High fidelity and performance rendering technology to quickly and accurately display content

Foxit Solution

Foxit PDF SDK can be seamlessly integrated into any mobile or web based application. Moreover, it offers great render/view and annotation technology enabling Loomion twelve users to quickly and accurately read and annotate their PDF documents from their iOS app and browser based interface. Foxit provided Loomion with a tailor-made licensing pricing model so it was cost effective for the customer.

Foxit PDF SDK implementation has dramatically reduced the time-to-market for Loomion twelve globally. It provides crisp, high fidelity rendering which provides consistency on multiple renders of the same PDF file, with no layer loss over multiple rendering results. This is important for operations like when users zoom in and out and the application needs to re-render. Also, the rendering speed was the fastest while providing a small physical footprint, which is especially important when downloading or storing apps. As a result, Loomion twelve has been successfully providing Board Directors the ability to read, annotate, share, and secure their Board documents with a consistent user experience across both their browser based and mobile platforms. Loomion twelve’s intuitive annotation features include bookmarking, highlighting, underlining, free-hand drawing, and notes.

“With the integration of Foxit PDF SDK for displaying documents, Loomion has found a seamless way to bring “twelve mobile for iPads” to the next level. As a result, users can easily access to any meeting documentation, no matter if they are at the office or on the road. Without mention, they don’t have to go through the hassle of carrying out loads of documents to meetings. Also, board members can now be confident that their information is highly protective and secure.”

– Frank Becker, CTO, Loomion