Omnitracs is displaying full quality PDFs with advanced text search functionality.

About Omnitracs

Omnitracs is a SaaS fleet management solutions company. Their main solution, Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG), is an industry leading electronic-logging device that keeps fleets safe and compliant. Omnitracs has been serving clients in the transportation industry for over 30 years. Their presence is worldwide, and they employ over 1,000 people to serve 12,000 customers in 70 countries.

Challenges and Objectives

Omnitracs’s IVG product needed functionality to handle PDF documents. Their dispatchers wanted the ability to send forms/paperwork that can be printed or viewed on the IVG device. The technology was required within the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). For the PoC, the Foxit SDK team created a standard sample application in C# for their Compact OS. This showed how they could integrate it into their MMS application seamlessly, and with the features required.

Why Foxit?

Omnitracs worked on a board support package (BSP) with their partners who assembled their operating system. They first brought Foxit’s name to their attention when it came to PDF viewing functionality. Omnitracs then did their own research and identified Foxit as an industry leader for the specific PDF solution they needed for their Compact OS, which not many competitors support.

“The Foxit SDK enables our Intelligent Vehicle Gateway customers to display high-quality PDF files and search for text within documents. The PoC with Foxit was very quick and straightforward, and we now have PDF functionality that fits seamlessly into our fleet management workflows.”
– Parth Sudame, Engineer & Senior Manager, Omnitracs


As a result of choosing our PDF SDK, Omnitracs achieved full PDF viewing and text search capabilities in their IVG solution. This enables Omnitracs to ensure that paperwork is available on demand for their customers to view, print and search as needed. This guarantees consistent and reliable delivery of forms which helps them avoid delays and saves their business money.