PEP is creating interactive reading apps for primary and secondary school students across China.

About PEP Digital Publishing

PEP Digital Publishing is a publishing company that creates digital solutions for teaching. It sits as the industry leader of digital publishing in China. Founded in 1950, the company has published over 400,000 books.

Challenges and Objectives

PEP needed to develop a set of apps based on textbooks for primary and secondary school students in China. These apps had to be able to display PDFs and include audio/video and other interactive features that Foxit supports. They wanted to also design the apps with their own UI/UX to meet brand guidelines. Their product was intended for all platforms including iOS, Android and PC so that users can enjoy a consistent experience regardless of device. Beyond this, security was a major focus with the requirement that the content was only available in the app and was fully encrypted.


PEP utilized Foxit PDF SDK for iOS, Android and ActiveX in their apps. They designed a customized UI/UX style by modifying the source code of UI Extensions. This enabled them to develop apps that are perfectly suited to the needs of primary and secondary school students. The apps created with PDF SDK have gone into a product that has been widely used in teaching and educating their users.

“Foxit PDF SDK enables our students to view interactive textbooks at the highest quality. Now we have PDF functionality that fits seamlessly into our solutions for digital teaching.”
– Zack Yang, Project Manager of Intelligent Teaching Platform for Mobile, PEP Digital Publishing

Why Foxit?

PEP chose Foxit PDF SDK for their product due to its rendering quality and efficiency. In addition to this, the flexibility when it comes to platforms complemented their product line. Finally, the security and integration capabilities pushed the deal over the line for PEP.