Vaudoise is streamlining their insurance invoicing with Foxit’s full annotation functionality.

About Vaudoise

Vaudoise belongs to the 10 largest all-lines insurance companies in Switzerland. They provide high-quality insurance and benefits services for private clients as well as for enterprises. Founded in 1895, Vaudoise employs 1,600 people across Switzerland.

Challenges and Objectives

Vaudoise had a long-standing need for their staff to be able to annotate documents. Before discovering Foxit, staff used to print off documents and add their handwritten notes which cost a lot of time, money and space, and wasn’t environmentally friendly. They used some digital tools also but their experience so far was not satisfactory. Vaudoise’s main objective was to have a PDF solution that enabled them to have full annotation ability to write on invoices internally. The solution needed to be simple to install and perform very well.

Why Foxit?

The main reason Vaudoise chose Foxit was due to its performance and annotation capabilities versus what the competition offers. They researched and tried many products on the market, but none performed as well or were as simple to install as Foxit PDF SDK. They carried out a proof of concept and it passed with flying colors. Additionally, because Foxit SDK for Web is deployed on a web application, it was easily integrated into their internal application through an iframe and opens directly online. Beyond this, having Foxit’s development team working proactively with them to work through configuration and setup was a major driver for their decision to work with us.

“Foxit PDF SDK works superbly for our users. Its reliability, fast loading time and advanced annotation functionality have enabled it to become an invaluable tool for our staff.”
– Lazhar Rohner, ECM Specialist, Vaudoise


Vaudoise no longer use paper in invoicing for several years and the process has now been improved thanks to Foxit’s annotation functionality. Going paperless has saved their team a lot of time, significantly increased productivity, and is much more environmentally friendly. Comments and insights are now directly accessible for all relevant team members who can now provide answers/feedback where appropriate, all in one centralized hub. This has contributed greatly to their ongoing digital transformation.