Foxit PDF SDK 5.3

Can I extract text from PDF files using Foxit PDF SDK?

Yes. Text extraction from a PDF can be done by calling the FSPDF_TextPage_ExportToFile function using C++.

Download Foxit PDF SDK 4.1 and get the demo at: samples\simple_sample\pdf2text\pdf2text.cpp



textPage - Handle to FSPD_TEXTPAGE object returned by function PSPDF_TextPage_Load

file - Handle to a FSCRT_FILE object which can be a file object or memory buffer to export the text. This can be created by function FSCRT_File_Create or FCRT_File_CreateFromMemory.

The function has the following Returns:


FSCRT_ERRCODE_PARAM if parameter textPage or file is a NULL pointer.

FSCRT_ERRCODE_FILE if the function cannot access the file handle.

FSCRT_ERRCODE_UNRECOVERABLE if the function can not be recovered.

FSCRT_ERRCODE_ERROR if the function cannot export text to the file handle because of any other reason.

Note: This article refers to a deprecated version of a Foxit Product. If you are still using Foxit PDF SDK 5.3 or older, please refer to your download package documents for Developer Guide and API Reference.

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Updated on April 5, 2017

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