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How to remove evaluation watermark from Foxit PDF Generator or Merger .NET SDK?

These are a few reasons why users cannot remove watermark correctly from Foxit PDF Generator for .NET SDK or Foxit PDF Merger for .NET SDK (assuming the customer follows the licensing documentation correctly). We described two of the most frequent occurrences:

  1. Missing License:Foxit PDF Generator for .NET SDK and Foxit PDF Merger for .NET SDK are in the same library. If the customer has a license for Generator and uses Merger functions then it will display the watermark. If the customer has Merger license, however, did not get a Generator license and uses Generator functionality it will display the watermark.
  2. Bad Computer Name:Please confirm that the full Computer Name that was provided to the support matches the computer that the SDK is being used on.

Updated on April 5, 2017

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