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Create links to dial a phone from a PDF link on mobile devices

In a recent post titled Dial a Phone from a PDF Link on Mobile Devices on the Acrobat For Legal Professionals blog, it was demonstrated how you can create a web link in a PDF that when clicked on an mobile device would dial the phone number.

Well it is easy to add these links programmatically using Foxit Quick PDF Library. There is no special feature required, simply pass a phone number formatted as you see below, to the AddLinkToWeb function.

PDFLib.AddLinkToWeb(200, 100, 60, 20, "tel:+61400000000", 1);
PDFLib.DrawText(205, 114, "Click me!");

That’s it! We’re seeing more and more PDFs on mobile devices now that we have our iOS and Android versions of Foxit Quick PDF Library.

This article refers to a deprecated product. If you are looking for support for Foxit PDF SDK, please click here.

Updated on May 16, 2022

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