What is the difference between Foxit Quick PDF Library and Foxit Quick PDF Library Lite?

Foxit Quick PDF Library Lite includes a small subset of the features available in the full Foxit Quick PDF Library SDK. As of version 11.14 Foxit Quick PDF Library Lite includes 44 functions and the full version of Foxit Quick PDF Library has over 900 functions.

The features in the Lite version are limited to letting you do things such as add some simple text and images to PDF files, set web links and document properties, retrieve security info and so on. Whereas the full version can do all of that as well as things such as extract text and pages, draw text using tables, render and print PDF files, add document permissions, digitally sign PDF files, create and fill PDF forms, add barcodes and so on.

The Lite version is only available as an ActiveX but the full version of the library is also available in multiple editions such as ActiveX, DLL, Delphi, Dylib and LIB.

Updated on November 20, 2013

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