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Foxit PDF SDK for Web: Advanced Forms

Foxit’s advanced forms consist of Ultraforms that render a 2D barcode inside a PDF fillable form. It does this using JavaScript libraries which makes it unique relative to alternative 2D barcode solutions on the market. By comparison, other providers render a 2D barcode inside a PDF fillable form by using the PDF reader application to produce the 2D barcode. This means that they can only render a 2D barcode in a PDF form so long as the form user is using their product. Ultraforms will render a 2D barcode inside a PDF form using any PDF reader product, so long as it has implemented support for the JavaScript specification for PDF. Foxit PDF SDK for Web now adds a fantastic addition because it means form users don’t have to install a PDF reader on their device anymore.

Because Foxit PDF SDK for Web supports JavaScript inside the PDF form, this means that it can allow the (Ultraforms) 2D barcode to render within the PDF form. This is the primary reason why Foxit PDF SDK for Web works so well together with Ultraforms as a combination solution. There are no other products on the market that provides a PDF web viewer that supports Ultraforms 2D JavaScript.

When we implement a Ultraforms 2D solution for a customer, we will often code much more JavaScript intelligent functions inside their form (other than 2D barcode capability). This can include all types of math calculations, business rules, data validations etc. We do this so that the data that goes inside the 2D barcode is as clean as it possible can be. If a form user enters bad data, the 2D barcode won’t know this and will store bad data if that is what is entered.

We add Ultraforms 2D to a fillable form using our Ultraforms SDK configurator. For non 2D JavaScript functions such as calculations, these are programmed directly inside a PDF Fillable form. Foxit SDK for Web is the perfect complimentary product to Foxit Ultraforms 2D barcode because it supports JavaScript within the PDF form. This preserves intelligent form functions like the ability to render 2D barcodes, perform calculations, data validations, data lookups, required fields and other rich functions.

The Web PDF viewer allows a form issuing organization more control over their form performance and the ability to control user experience outcomes for intelligent form use cases. Take a trial today!

Updated on June 29, 2021

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