Foxit PDF SDK for Web

How to run Vue.js with PDF SDK for Web

The guide below details 2 examples. One introduces how to quickly run the boilerplate sample for Vue.js inside Foxit PDF SDK for Web, and the other presents a way to integrate Foxit PDF SDK for Web in an existing Vue app.

Quickly run the built-in example for Vue.js

Foxit PDF SDK for Web provides a boilerplate project for [@vue/cli]( app. This example can be found at `../integrations/` inside Foxit PDF SDK for Web package.


Getting started

Enter `../integratons/vue.js/` inside Foxit PDF SDK for Web, and run:


npm run setup


This setup will implement the followings:

  • `npm install` – install dependencies.
  • `npm run update-sdk`
  • Copy `lib` folder from the root folder to the `../integratons/vue.js/src/`, and auto rename it to `foxit-lib`.
  • Copy `..examples/license-key.js`to the `../integratons/react.js/src/`.

Running the example


npm run serve


Now you are ready to launch the app. Open your browser, navigate to `<>` to load your example.

Integrate Foxit PDF SDK for Web into an existing Vue.js project

This integration assumes you have vue/cli app installed with all default settings.



Let’s call the root folder of your existing project Vue.js and Foxit PDF SDK for Web as SDK.

1. In SDK, duplicate the following folder and files to `VueJS/src`, and change the `lib` name to `foxit-lib`.

  • The `lib`folder.
  • The `../examples/license-key.js` file.
  • The `../integrations/vue.js/src/preload.js` file

To correctly reference your fonts lib, you also need to duplicate the `external` folder inside SDK to `VueJS/src/foxit-lib/assets`.

2. Run `npm i -D cross-env` to install `cross-env`, and add the following segments to `serve` and `build` in `VueJS/package.json`.


cross-env NODE_OPTIONS=--max_old_space_size=8192 NODE_ENV=development vue-cli-service serve

cross-env NODE_OPTIONS=--max_old_space_size=8192 NODE_ENV=production vue-cli-service build


The purpose of this step is to avoid a memory leak error.


Add configurations onto the following files in your VueJS:

  • `vue.config.js`
  • `.eslintignore`

For the configuration details, refer to the corresponding files in SDK.


  • Create `src/components/PDFViewer.vue` in your VueJS,and reference it in `src/App.vue`.

For the configuration details, refer to the corresponding files in SDK.

Running your application

npm run serve


Now everything is set up. Open your browser, input the address based on your set up to launch your application.

Updated on August 16, 2021

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