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Is it possible to rotate the PrintJob to 90 degrees using Foxit PDF Print Manager for .NET SDK?

In Foxit PDF Print Manager, the rotation is done by the Rotated Boolean property, which rotates the pages in the PrintJob to 180 degrees. There is no specific property or method in the SDK to rotate the PrintJob to the angle of specifically 90 degrees.

However, you can try setting the orientation type for the PrintJob to Landscape and the set the scaling to the PrintJob.

Below is the code sample to achieve that:

InputPdf pdf = new InputPdf(@"Path for the input PDF");
    PrintJob printJob = new PrintJob(Printer.Default, pdf, 1, 1);
    //printJob.PrintOptions.Orientation.Rotated = true;
    printJob.PrintOptions.Orientation.Type = OrientationType.Landscape;
    printJob.PrintOptions.Scaling = new AutoPageScaling(ScaleTo.PagePrintableArea, true, true);

Updated on September 14, 2017

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