Foxit provides full support for displaying and annotating PDF in web applications, with an extensive range of functions for creating, editing or importing/exporting annotations.

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Programmatically show/hide fields, add conditional logic, create interactive elements and much more with a few lines of code. Plug our forms into your database to automatically pre-populate them, or automatically update databases upon form submission.

Try an FDF export in your application using this code:

public class FDFImportExport { private static String output_path = "your default output path"; private static String input_path = "your default input path goes here"; public static void main(String[] args) throws PDFException { int error_code = Library.initialize(sn, key); if (error_code != e_ErrSuccess) { System.out.println("Library Initialize Error: " + error_code); return; } try { Range empty_range = new Range(); //The code below imports a FDF file to your PDF and fills the form fields accordingly { String input_file = input_path + "Sample.pdf"; String fdf_file = input_path + "SampleData.fdf"; PDFDoc pdf_doc = new PDFDoc(input_file); error_code = pdf_doc.load(null); if (error_code != e_ErrSuccess) { System.out.println("The Doc " + input_file + " Error: " + error_code); return; } FDFDoc fdf_doc = new FDFDoc(fdf_file); pdf_doc.importFromFDF(fdf_doc, e_Annots, empty_range); String output_file = output_path + "Sample_importFDF.pdf"; pdf_doc.saveAs(output_file, e_SaveFlagNoOriginal); }
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Collaborate on the same document

Leave notes, comments, and callouts to get your team working together in PDFs. You can also show or hide all comments, and import and export annotation data in FDF.

Flexible markup

Highlight or strike out text, create shapes and arrows, even write with the ink tool — you can make it crystal clear what you’re referring to with our extensive markup options.

Protect your content with watermarks

You can create, insert, edit and remove watermarks at the image, PDF page or text level.

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