Digital Signatures

Validate contracts and authenticate documents with customizable electronic signatures that adhere to worldwide standards.

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A digital signature is a digitally-generated representation of a person’s identity, either an image of a person’s signature or a computer-generated typed signature which verifies a person’s identify and authenticates document contents.

Test out adding digital signatures in your application using this code:

public void renderPage(int index) { PDFDoc doc = Common.loadPDFDoc(mContext, mPath, null); String outputFilePath = "test.jpg"; PDFPage pdfPage = Common.loadPage(mContext, doc, index, PDFPage.e_ParsePageNormal); // Create the bitmap and erase its background. Bitmap bitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap((int)pdfPage.getWidth(), (int)pdfPage.getHeight(), Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888); bitmap.eraseColor(Color.WHITE); Matrix2D matrix = pdfPage.getDisplayMatrix(0, 0, (int)pdfPage.getWidth(), (int)pdfPage.getHeight(), Constants.e_Rotation0); Renderer renderer = new Renderer(bitmap, true); // Render the page to bitmap. Progressive progressive = renderer.startRender(pdfPage, matrix, null); int state = Progressive.e_ToBeContinued; while (state == Progressive.e_ToBeContinued) { state = progressive.resume(); } progressive.delete(); if (state == Progressive.e_Error) { // Error return; } // Save the render result to the jpeg image if (false == Common.SaveImageFile(bitmap, Bitmap.CompressFormat.JPEG, outputFilePath)) { // Failed to save return; } renderer.delete(); pdfPage.delete(); Common.releaseDoc(mContext, doc); } }
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Developer Benefits

Add a layer of security to your documents

Global legal compliance

Digital signatures are recognised across the world, and are just as legally binding as paper documents. No need to scan them; PDF documents are ready for digital archiving and can be sent to the necessary departments via email in seconds.

Added security

Use ink signatures to let customers sign documents on any of their digital devices. Sign easily without needing to print a file again!

Faster, more efficient workflows

including eIDAS, UETA and ESIGN. Our technology can be integrated with any PDF documents, like smart forms, and is compliant with PDF 2.0.

Introducing signatures to your business

Foxit’s team of Sales Engineers are PDF experts and coders by trade. They will assist you all throughout your proof of concept process.

Page-level signatures

Distinguished by a single line in a document, page-level digital signatures can be written digitally or with ink. This method is perfect for contracts and other legal documents.

Document-level signatures

Need numerous people to read a document, but keep the original unchanged? Document-level signatures, popular in the engineering and compliance fields, are here to help.

Signatures in PDF forms

Many companies use forms as a discovery stage before a customer signs on the dotted line. Digital Signatures can be integrated into PDF forms — a user can complete a form, then sign it to verify the information is correct. This information can then be used to draft contracts and other documents with the digital signature, which creates automatic and efficient workflows within many different industries.

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More Features

Document and file-level signatures

Global compliance standards

Integrate with Docusign

Custom encryption and verification

Full document audit trail


Industry Use Cases

Digital business

Improve, streamline and standardize your documentation by axing the manual process of paper posting, archiving and faxing. With digital signatures you can truly make your business electronic while also saving time and money. Introduce a process into your company that reduces the complexities of predefined activities, while reducing costs associated with document storage, security and delivery.


Insurance companies all suffer from a backlog in contract sign off when it comes to veting and compliance. Why make this process any harder than it already is. Introduce digital signing into your workflow and capture customer signatures without setting up meetings and allowing them to do so in the comfort of their own home or office. Keep things simple with digital signatures.


Banks are fraught with rules and regulations to follow that can be confusing and cumbersome to enact. Digital signature can shorten the time it takes to complete workflow while also ensuring that you commit to all the regulations around document verification and authentication. There is no need to invite clients down to their local branch when they can sign from their mobile device in the click of a button!

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