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Text search, and text extraction, are two common tasks. Using an index allows a document to be searched quickly as the text extraction phase only needs to be completed once. This allows the search operation to be scaled up to allow searching of large sets of documents.

Test out full-text PDF search in your application using this code:

public void renderPage(int index) { PDFDoc doc = Common.loadPDFDoc(mContext, mPath, null); String outputFilePath = "test.jpg"; PDFPage pdfPage = Common.loadPage(mContext, doc, index, PDFPage.e_ParsePageNormal); // Create the bitmap and erase its background. Bitmap bitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap((int)pdfPage.getWidth(), (int)pdfPage.getHeight(), Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888); bitmap.eraseColor(Color.WHITE); Matrix2D matrix = pdfPage.getDisplayMatrix(0, 0, (int)pdfPage.getWidth(), (int)pdfPage.getHeight(), Constants.e_Rotation0); Renderer renderer = new Renderer(bitmap, true); // Render the page to bitmap. Progressive progressive = renderer.startRender(pdfPage, matrix, null); int state = Progressive.e_ToBeContinued; while (state == Progressive.e_ToBeContinued) { state = progressive.resume(); } progressive.delete(); if (state == Progressive.e_Error) { // Error return; } // Save the render result to the jpeg image if (false == Common.SaveImageFile(bitmap, Bitmap.CompressFormat.JPEG, outputFilePath)) { // Failed to save return; } renderer.delete(); pdfPage.delete(); Common.releaseDoc(mContext, doc); } }
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Never lose information again

Search every single piece of text in your document and customize the engine to account for common issues, such as split words, character ligatures, and phrases split between lines.

Search collections of documents, metadata, and annotations in seconds

Document tags can outline topics discussed in a document or organize by department name, letting you search hundreds of files quickly and accurately. You can also set, remove, and edit all document metadata programmatically.

Redaction made simple

Foxit PDF SDK turns the manual, multi-hour task of searching and deleting customer information across all your documents into a quick search and remove, while maintaining the integrity of the original document.

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Search text string across any documents

Highlight all string instances

Navigate previous/next results

Search meta information

Complete file search in seconds

Keyword, string, or phrase search


Industry Use Cases


Our full-text search ensures that no stone is left unturned. All instances of a chosen word or phrase will be returned in a search, painting a complete picture of which files and documents need review.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR allows your European customers to request all personally identifiable information you hold on them. How you would search all the information you hold on any given customer across all your documents, if you were to get a request like that? With Foxit PDF SDK, you can search, select and redact all instances of your customers’ information across all documents quickly and securely.

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