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Fully automate your form-filling process with our best-in-class technology and jump ahead of your competitors.

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Programmatically show/hide fields, add conditional logic, create interactive elements and much more with a few lines of code. Plug our forms into your database to automatically pre-populate them, or automatically update databases upon form submission.

Try an FDF export in your application using this code:

public class FDFImportExport { private static String output_path = "your default output path"; private static String input_path = "your default input path goes here"; public static void main(String[] args) throws PDFException { int error_code = Library.initialize(sn, key); if (error_code != e_ErrSuccess) { System.out.println("Library Initialize Error: " + error_code); return; } try { Range empty_range = new Range(); //The code below imports a FDF file to your PDF and fills the form fields accordingly { String input_file = input_path + "Sample.pdf"; String fdf_file = input_path + "SampleData.fdf"; PDFDoc pdf_doc = new PDFDoc(input_file); error_code = pdf_doc.load(null); if (error_code != e_ErrSuccess) { System.out.println("The Doc " + input_file + " Error: " + error_code); return; } FDFDoc fdf_doc = new FDFDoc(fdf_file); pdf_doc.importFromFDF(fdf_doc, e_Annots, empty_range); String output_file = output_path + "Sample_importFDF.pdf"; pdf_doc.saveAs(output_file, e_SaveFlagNoOriginal); }
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Developer Benefits

Full control of your form data

Field validation with conditional logic

Add field validation programmatically by setting rules for email address, phone number, and date fields for a smoother form-filling process. For example, you can set a format rule for date fields so users in Europe and North America can write dates the way they’re used to.

Integrating paper and electronic forms

OCR scanning to bring existing forms from paper to digital. Integrating paper and digital forms ensures your users are doing what your business needs them to do, every step of the way.

Linking forms to databases

Automatically send a submitted form as a FDF file to your database, updating relevant fields without manual data entry. Foxit PDF SDK also supports exporting form data to XFDF files and XML, if you’re working with XFA forms.

Reduced data entry errors

Give users the ability to fill out digital forms on the go with their device of choice. Apps have never been more productive!

Secure personal data sharing

Use ink signatures to let customers sign documents in their digital devices. Sign PDF in web apps easily without needing to print a file to sign again!

Lower processing costs across the board

Our PDF SDK provides full support for displaying and annotating PDF in web applications with an extensive range of functions for creating, editing or importing/exporting annotations.

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More Features

Fillable smart PDF form fields

Dynamic and interactive fields

Conditional form field logic

Linked databases using XML, FDF, XFDF

File attachments for submission

Digital and ink signatures within forms

Perform specific tasks

Industry Use Cases

Securely capture patient data

Doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals need a lot of information from a patient in order to diagnose them. Including conditional formatting and connecting forms to your patient database means smarter information gathering and automatically updated patient files without involving team members.

Automatic quotes and application signoff

Banking and insurance are fast paced industies that need things done yesterday in most cases. Use smart PDF forms to automate quotes and sign off on low revenue applications, freeing up teams to spend time on more worthwhile tasks, like winning bigger deals.

Better information gathering

Tailor forms so that questions appear respective of the person who is filling it out. This will make sure that all information is gathered, including blueprints and compliance documentation, and decrease the amount of time taken to collect data for project updates.

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