Perhaps no other industry can benefit as greatly from digital documentation as the legal field.  Even the simplest matters generate substantial paperwork.  Experts agree that administrative and paperwork time are among the biggest causes of lost billable hours.

Integrating PDF technology into in house applications can streamline the bulk of processes and procedures, from intake, to research, to collaboration. These benefits aren’t exclusive to the private sector; courts can take advantage of the same features.


Reduce hours spent on administration

Using a PDF SDK to build in house applications allows the greatest control and flexibility in managing the administrative burden. Procedures and processes can be semi or even fully automated, from research to intake to filing.

Document turnaround time can be reduced up to 80% by eliminating or automating time consuming steps such as sending the correct document version to the correct person to sign off and filing in the correct location and format.

The end result is the initial expense of PDF technology and development time more than pays for itself by freeing up billable hours for attorneys.


Improve interactions with clients

Client intake is a time consuming process; getting the relevant information from the client and entering it into case management systems is an administrative burden legal companies can do without.

PDF technology can greatly simplify client intake. By entering information directly into PDF forms, or allowing clients to access the intake form through a secure portal, the intake fields can then be used to programmatically populate databases and case documents.

As well as collecting information from clients, using a PDF SDK can let companies securely share PDF documents with clients. With security features such as password protection, locking documents from changes while allowing annotations, access monitoring and restriction, clients can receive case documents while maintaining confidentiality.


Research and search documents faster

Digital documentation also has the ability to revolutionize how legal research is conducted.  In surveys, approximately one-third of lawyers begin their legal research by searching their own in-house files.

Centralized document management is essential in preventing important information from being lost in personal data silos. Documents created as PDFs have fully searchable text and can be pulled up in seconds. OCR tools, included in Foxit PDF SDK, can be used to convert scanned pages and old paper records into PDF so they too can be easily searched.

More than half of lawyers report spending at least 15% of their time on research; streamlining the research process can substantially increase productivity.


Collaborate across devices and locations

Digital documentation makes collaborating easier than ever before, whether with colleagues in your own office, co-counsel from another firm, or experts from around the world.

PDF documents can be shared and edited, allowing changes to be made on the spot.  Formatting is preserved, and the latest version of the document can be instantly shared among all team members.

With more attorneys working remotely, PDF technology allowing you to work from anywhere – on any device – is even more important.  Enhance productivity when working from home or when travelling with complete access to all of your files from any workstation.  PDF files are fully compatible with mobile devices as well, keeping all features and formatting when opened on your phone.


Foxit PDF SDK arms developers with the tools to develop enterprise­ class PDF applications that fulfill the demanding requirements of the legal sector. Chosen by Google to be the underpinning technology for their open ­source PDF engine for its versatility and power, it is the chosen PDF solution for the United States Courts and Chicago Bar Association, among others.


  • Streamlined and automated processes and workflows

Reduce document turnaround time and administrative burden by automating form filling, introducing digital signatures and programmatically controlling the flow of documentation.

  • World ­class security features

Trusted by the federal government and major corporations, Foxit PDF SDK comes equipped with numerous security libraries. Secure signing with PSI, Information Rights Management (IRM) integration, encryption/decryption, password protection, access monitoring and restrictions:­ ideal for storing and sharing confidential information.

  • All-in-one solution

Foxit PDF SDK is a single solution for everything application developers need to manipulate PDFs, simplifying costing and vendor contracts. Capabilities include:

    • Document management and auto-edit functions, such as text editing, printing, text manipulation, search, and search and replace
    • Singular and bulk application of stamps, watermarks, and annotations.
    • Document signing with handwritten PSI signatures
    • Programmatic modification of metadata and properties
  • Developer support at every step

More than just a software development kit, Foxit offers comprehensive developer support at every step. Demos and sample code are provided to help developers our staff are on hand to help integration with existing programs and workflows.

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Key facts

  • Streamlined and automated processes and workflows
  • World ­class security features
  • All-in-one solution
  • Developer support at every step