OCR for PDF Documents

Convert scanned documents to searchable text PDFs with our highly accurate enterprise optical character recognition (OCR) software. Designed for scanning, archiving and digitization, our robust functionality outputs 13 different file formats including PDF & PDF/A.

Bring even more of your business online without having to invest in data entry personnel through using OCR on paper files, and make searching, archiving and updating information effortless.

What’s in Foxit PDF SDK’s OCR add-on?

Optical Character Recognition

PDF OCR to convert scanned or image-based content into selectable, searchable, and editable text.

Scan to PDF In Existing Documents

Streamline workflows by inserting scan to PDF pages directly into PDF document.

Correct Suspect OCR PDF Results

Find and edit incorrect OCR PDF results to enable accurate file indexing for effective PDF searching.

Instantly search through content

Reduced Errors within PDF Documents

Paperless Archiving Standards


Going Digital in Insurance

Insurance is a busy industry which has collected a lot of data in the form of paper in the past. Bringing this information online can be costly and time consuming but Foxit’s PDF technology allows for scanning documents to PDF, making searching, archiving and updating information easy.

Archiving in Engineering

PDF/E is a strict PDF ISO Standard for archive engineering paperwork like blueprints. Our technology is 100% compliant and can help ensure files are archived correctly for future use.

Full text search in Legal

Searching through many documents to find specific information can be time consuming but with full-text search in PDF documents, searching hundreds of documents and folders simultaneously is easy, and makes the experience positive and fast.

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