Leverage our conversion and verification technology to turn regular PDFs into PDF-A compliant documents. If you are already working with PDF-A in your processes, proactively verify third-party PDFs you receive are PDF-A compliant.

What’s in Foxit PDF SDK’s PDF/A compliance addon

Convert PDF to pdf/a instantly

Convert regular PDFs to PDF-A quickly either on a server (Win/Linux) or an end-user application.

Lasting operational stability

Foxit’s Compression PDF SDK is used by many customers worldwide and is praised as being stable and scalable.

STAY compliant with the authorities

Governments around the world have established PDF/A as the  standard for electronic document long-time preservation.


Check any PDF against any PDF/A standard checklist to verify that files you receive are 100% PDF/A complaint.

full pdf/a support

Foxit’s SDK supports PDF/A-1(a and b), PDF/A-2(a and b), PDF-A-2u, PDF/A-3aPDF/A-3b and PDF/A-3u (ISO 19005-1,19005-2 and 19005-3).

Less Manual Administration Work

Storage Savings for Digital Documents

Security of Personal Information