Redaction for PDF Documents

Programmatically search and sensor sensitive information in a document for legal or security purposes to keep customer and employee information safe. Achieve full GDPR-compliance with Foxit’s powerful technology.

Our redaction module applies annotations to block sensitive information in a document. Only a dark line will show in the place of the content in the front-end and no sensitive data is kept in the meta information. Our technology utilizes a process that ensures redacted material is deleted and the blacked out (redacted) areas become images, stopping someone being able to access the sensitive information underneath.

What’s in Foxit PDF SDK’s redaction add-on?


Foxit’s PDF redaction library safely removes text, graphics, and images quickly and easily.

Automatically Remove Content

Create lists of terms to automatically redact from documents which updates in real-time so you don’t need to worry.

Real-Time Redaction Reporting

Generate redaction reports to record and report on what has been updated. Keep track of everything with our technology.

Automatically Remove Metadata

Metadata can be as important as the information within a document. Automatically remove sensitive data and properties as part of any workflow.

Customizable Redaction Areas

Choose the look and feel of your redacted areas by choosing colors, shapes and more with our advanced PDF library. Customize your User’s experience.

Smart Redaction

Smart redaction can help you discover patterns that may exist within files that can create automatic rules to redact personal data.

Redaction by category

Create form and document templates that are categorized to make redaction simple and easy to automate. Simply tag fields by category and create redaction rules around these fields.

ISO Standard mark-up

Foxit creates technology with the ISO standard at the centre of the design so our PDF text mark-up is ISO compliant and benchmarked against our top competitors.

Automatically redact sensitive information

GDPR Compliance in All industries

Security of Personal Information


Data Protection in Insurance

Insurance companies collect a lot of personally identifiable information which may need to be shared with third parties from time to time. Instead of editing documents manually, using redaction you can redact personal information automatically, having piece of mind that customer information is safe.

Redaction in the Public Sector

Documents released under the Freedom of Information legislation that contains information not suitable for the general public needs to be edited accordingly to ensure this information is not released. Redaction serves in this capacity so sensitive information is not leaked.

GDPR Compliance in Banking

GDPR has created a lot of extra worry for the banking and financial sector across the world. With Foxit PDF SDK companies can design customized GDPR compliant workflows, with automated processes, to ensure customer information is redacted quickly and efficiently, without adding more work for employees.

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