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Foxit PDF SDK now available on NuGet

by Conor Smith | May 8, 2019

Foxit PDF SDK is now available on NuGet!


What is NuGet?

NuGet is a free and open-source package manager for the Microsoft development platform. The tool is a very convenient way to install and manage third-party libraries for developers.

By using NuGet, you can now import Foxit PDF SDK libraries using a command line application or by directly importing the references in Visual Studio or other supported IDE, instead of having to go to the website and download the package or even manually add the references in Visual Studio, saving you time and adding convenience, in addition to more benefits discussed further below.

We have the latest libraries for Foxit PDF SDK for Android and additional libraries such as our RMS SDK available on NuGet for your projects. You can use NuGet with .NET CLI tools or with its features in Microsoft Visual Studio.


How NuGet works. Credit: Microsoft®


What are the advantages of using NuGet?

NuGet is beneficial to developers in 3 main ways:

• Automatically configures projects – NuGet references assemblies in the .nuspec file and creates/adds project files, meaning you no longer have to google the package, download, setup and reference in your project.

• Provides package updates – meaning you don’t have to check and update manually. NuGet also lets you specify the range of versions that your project will work with.

• Conflict management capabilities – if 2 packages depend on different versions, it will figure out the correct one to install.


Simplify your PDF Development Journey


NuGet developer use case example

Let’s say your product now requires PDF viewing and editing abilities.

Implementing one third-party library like Foxit PDF SDK isn’t a big deal. But what happens when your product then needs Twitter integration, an Oracle plug-in and an ever-expanding list of other third-party DLLs? This can quickly become a laborious process that over time is unmanageable. Overlapping DLLs with multiple versions and upgrades that have to be debugged adds costs to your team. This kind of use case is perfectly suited for NuGet. It’s easy to install, use and update external libraries, without the mess.


Take a look at our NuGet page by clicking here or see how Foxit PDF SDK for Android is implemented using Xamarin. Get in touch with us below if you want to discuss your project and see how PDF SDK can help.