Cordova Support

Cordova allows software developers to build applications using CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript for mobile devices. Cordova apps are known as hybrid as they use one code base to create apps across Operating Systems (OS) as opposed to each OS having their own. Foxit supports Cordova through Foxit PDF SDK.


View our Cordova GitHub repository here or take a look at how to implement Cordova with PDF SDK for iOS and Android.

Cordova and Foxit PDF SDK

Foxit PDF SDK allows developers to quickly integrate PDF technology into their application through using an instinctive User Interface (UI). To use Cordova the PDF SDK must be wrapped to ensure that languages like CSS3, HTML5, and Javascript will work seamlessly. Currently we offer support for Cordova for Android and iOS.

Cordova Support

Foxit regularly updates support for Cordova ensuring that, with every release of Foxit PDF SDK, the newest functionality is supported for all customers.

Foxit goes above and beyond to give customers the most up-to-date technology meaning that you can view, edit, annotate, and more with little difficulty.

How to use Cordova with Foxit PDF SDK

In order to use Cordova with our Foxit PDF SDK you will need to do two things.

1. Download a free trial of Foxit PDF SDK for Android or iOS
2. Visit our Github project on Cordova.

Note: For UI customization, please view our Android and iOS guides to implementing the UIExtensions project.