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Our ActiveX viewer gets a major upgrade

by Conor Smith | October 9, 2018

Foxit PDF SDK for ActiveX 5.5 brings exciting functionality to the easy-to-implement ActiveX platform. Along with new UI customization features, PDF SDK for ActiveX page control functionality has been enhanced with support for Bookmarks, giving your users more control over their documents.


  • Full bookmark support
  • New pencil tool customization options
  • New note annotation customization options
  • Viewer page mode and layout control
  • Popup Windows layout control
  • JScript Function Extended Control (new return values added)
  • New Find/Search Results Rectangle Area using Javascript

Bookmark Support

Foxit PDF SDK for ActiveX 5.5 adds bookmarks to its core functionality. Bookmarks are useful features for document handling and automation. Now, you can add and remove bookmarks, create patterns and processes to manipulate documents inside a ready-to-go PDF viewer component. Having the best of both worlds (viewing + editing) allows your solution to quickly attend more complex customer requests, improving your service’s quality and reliability.

UI Enhancements

A number of functional UI enhancements were implemented to continue the great viewing experience Foxit PDF SDK for ActiveX 5.5 offers our customers – here are some of the highlights

  • Pencil tool Customization
  • Note Annotation Customization
  • Viewer Page Mode and Layout Control
  • Popup Windows Layout Control
  • JScript Function Extended Control (New return values were added)
  • Find Search Result Rectangle Area Using Javascript

As always, you can try PDF SDK for ActiveX for free. If you have further questions about how ActiveX may help you succeed in your next project, get in touch today.