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Introducing Foxit PDF SDK 6.2

by Conor Smith | November 29, 2018

Foxit PDF SDK 6.2 introduces a brand-new Objective-C API for development in Mac, and extended support for RMS 2.1 as we strive to make Foxit PDF SDK the most secure and accessible PDF SDK in the market. Additionally, in Android and iOS we have added UI improvements, full support for multimedia annotations (audio, video and voice!) and full XFA form support. 

Foxit PDF SDK 6.2

  • Added New Objective-C API for development in Mac 
  • Added Extended Microsoft AD RMS Support (v2.1) 
  • Added Multimedia Annotation Support (iOS and Android) 
  • Added XFA Form Support (iOS and Android) 
  • Added several UI Improvements (iOS and Android) 

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Find a detailed description of all new features below or in our release page.


Objective-C API (Mac) 

After already supporting it in iOS, we now support development in Objective-C for OSX. As a cross-platform SDK, we proud ourselves on providing the best experience on any platform you are working. In this case 6.2 provides a seamless OSX development experience for developers who are already familiar with our Windows C++ API.

Extended RMS Support (Version 2.1) 

Foxit PDF SDK has been and continues to be the most secure PDF SDK in the market. 6.2 improves our support of Microsoft’s AD RMS (Active Directory Right Management Service) technology. Foxit PDF SDK can now view, encrypt and decrypt AD RMS 2.1 protected documents and your documents will be safer under the extended security features provided by the Microsoft upgrade such as AES_256 encryption, OAuth2 token-based authentication, extended platform support and larger (1GB+) protected file (pfile) sizes. 


Multimedia Annotation Support (Audio & Video) 

Adding voice annotations

Adding voice annotations

Now Foxit PDF SDK for iOS and Android allows you to record and embed multimedia annotation files (audio, voice and video) into your PDFs. This new feature comes with a very intuitive UX and excellent performance, to provide a consistent experience both in the office as well as in mobile devices everywhere.  


XFA Form Support (iOS and Android) 

Filling and editing XFA Forms is already possible in our mobile SDKs through our main API, but a development effort was needed in order to make it available in your PDF application’s UI. No more. If you are working with XFA forms, you can now effortless provide the form’s specific capabilities like reflow in your PDF application without any customization or development work using Foxit PDF SDK for Android/iOS 6.2. Better for you and your customers. 


UI Enhancements: form fields, layers, and documentation 

Along with our main features, we have made several small adjustments to the SDK. 

  • Created new event handlers for form field tapping 
  • Enhanced layer support with the ability to move layers between different parent/child layer nodes 
  • Improved specific class documentation