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Introducing MobilePDF SDK 3.0

by Conor Smith | April 4, 2017

We are very proud to introduce version 3.0 of Foxit MobilePDF SDK. This is the first major release of MobilePDF SDK in 2017 and it introduces many important features in the Core API and UI Extensions Component.

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Have a look below for the full list of new features:

New features for PDF Core API

  • Insert and Extract Pages
  • Import and Export Annotation through FDF/XFDF
  • Import and Export Form Data through FDF/XFDF
  • Certificate and Password Security
  • Page Object Access and Edit
  • Add Image to PDF files
  • Pressure Sensitive Ink

New features for View Control

  • Append a custom page view to the end of the current document in the PDF View Control (iOS only)

New features for UI Extensions Component

  • Digital Signature Tool
  • Hand Signature Tool
  • Password Protect PDF Tool
  • Doc Edit Mode (Insert, Extract, Delete and Reorder Pages)
  • Attachment Tools (Annotation)
  • Support Undo/Redo
  • Reflow Text

New Demos

  • Added complete_pdf_viewer_demo for Swift on iOS


  • Form Filling Improvements
    • Automatically scrolls to the next form field when filling forms
    • List box enhanced for form filling
  • Improved the Stamp Tools feature usability
  • Android samples updated with the latest Gradle

How to upgrade to 3.0

If you already own a MobilePDF SDK license, you can request your free upgrade to version 3.0 by emailing your local sales contact.

If you don’t have a MobilePDF SDK license yet, please request a quote today.