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Introducing WebPDF Viewer 2.0 (Now including Javascript Rendering)

by Conor Smith | October 17, 2016

We’re excited to announce a groundbreaking update for Foxit WebPDF Viewer with the release of Foxit WebPDF Viewer 2.0. WebPDF Viewer is the market leading PDF viewer which helps developers build functionality into their web applications, without the need for additional software downloads or installation.

WebPDF Viewer 2.0 brings new performance, rendering and security improvements to an already industry leading product. Key additions in version 2.0 include a JavaScript engine for client-side rendering and support for distributed deployment among other performance and security enhancements.

‘WebPDF Viewer allows you to securely control viewing, annotating, printing, and other processing in the browser completely independent of platforms. The rendering quality is superior to anything else on the market and it’s easy to use.’ – Susana De Abrew, Vice President of SDK Sales and Marketing at Foxit.

What’s New in 2.0?

WebPDF Viewer 2.0 sees several enhancements which will improve both end user experience and developer experience. Here are the key changes that have been made:

Decreased Server Resource Usage
With a new javascript engine for client-side rendering, faster parsing and rendering of local PDFs and more performance enhancements, Web Viewer 2.0 will place noticeably less strain on a server, freeing up your server’s resources to be used elsewhere.

Ensure Appropriate Resolution
PDFs are guaranteed to be displayed in the correct resolution with real time image scaling.

Enhanced Document Security
With the ability to switch from server-side and client-side rendering at will, added functionality for user accounts and document security and document distribution control, WebPDF Viewer 2.0 has become more secure than ever. This gives you ultimate control over your documents.

Expanded Deployment Options
With Windows and Linux Servers supported, lower minimum requirements, distributed deployment support, and docker image deployment support, WebPDF Viewer 2.0 can be deployed almost anywhere.

Improved Annotation Support
WebPDF Viewer’s annotations have long been one of our most popular and most commonly used features and we’ve now made them better than ever. New updates include the typewriter tool, pencil, note, highlight, underline, shapes, and the ability to reply to annotations.

For a full list of features, see:

What Customers are Saying

“During our evaluation period, the pre-sales support we received from Foxit was second to none. They answered each and every one of our queries quickly and accurately, and were happy to extend functionality where the existing implementations fell short of our business requirements. The combination of the level of support provided, and the quality of the solution on offer gave us the confidence we needed to migrate to the Foxit solution suite”- Nick Mettyear, WACOM

Try Foxit WebPDF Viewer 2.0

Foxit WebPDF Viewer 2.0 is the only affordable development solution to integrate high quality PDF rendering capability to your applications. If you’re interested in trying the product, you can request a trial by clicking here.