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Introducing WebPDF Viewer 2.2

by Conor Smith | April 11, 2017

We are proud to announce the release of a new version of WebPDF Viewer. In 2.2 we continued to enhance server-side rendering with tiled rendering, which enables the Viewer to download only the tiled version of the image in order to optimize bandwidth and memory usage for a better user experience. See below:

2.2 also includes Offline mode support for cached files and an API that allows developers to manage (export and import) annotation data in FDF/XFDF format in order to allow multiple users to annotate the same file. That way, users will be able to see each other’s annotations and collaborate. See below:

Finally, we also added improvements to JavaScript support for PDF Forms. We reconstructed the implementation, removing redundancies, optimizing the model and improving functionality. A set of interfaces that allow the developer to export form data as XML and storage into their own server were also included.

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New Features

  • Faster server-side rendering with new tiled rendering enhancement
  • Enhanced JavaScript support for PDF forms
  • Offline Mode for viewing cached documents with no internet connection
  • Callout/Polygon/Polyline annotation support
  • Import/Export annotations from/to XFDF
  • Import annotation from FDF
  • Fit page layout support

New Functions

  • importAnnotsFromFDF
  • exportAnnotsToFDF
  • importAnnotsFromXFDF
  • exportAnnotsToXFDF
  • importFromXML
  • exportToXML
  • importFromXMLStream
  • exportToXMLStream
  • openFileByStream
  • exportDocumentStream
  • registerPanel
  • showAllAnnots/hideAllAnnot/showAnnots/hideAnnots


  • Add two or more annotations in a line of text
  • Set the thickness of the pencil tool
  • Adjust the width of Bookmark/Thumbnail Panel
  • Disabling rectangle text selection in Config.js supported
  • Go to specific page support
  • Show more search results in panel continuously
  • Seamless UI transition from Mobile to PC
  • New parameter in Save function to disable flicker when saving