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MobilePDF SDK 4.0 for Android and iOS has been released

by Conor Smith | August 7, 2017

The new version of Foxit’s Rapid Development Kit is here, and it includes major feature additions to both the Core API and the UI Extension for both iOS and Android. We have added support for addition and verification of Digital Signatures from third-parties, extra programmatic control over layers, attachments and metadata, and a number of new features included in our UI, such as an attachments panel and the ability for end users to duplicate, crop and add images as pages to a PDF file.

As usual, this release also includes a number of minor improvements and bug fixes. Find the detail for those below.

Foxit also provides plugins for both Xamarin and Cordova. You can find them, alongside code samples, on our Github.

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Full release notes

New features in PDF Core API:

  • Add and Verify Digital Signatures from Third-Parties
  • Add/Edit/Remove Optional Content Groups (Layers)
  • Indexed Full-Text Search (iOS only)
  • Add/Edit/Remove Document-Level Attachments
  • Get/Set PDF Version for a Document
  • Set PDF Metadata for a Document

New features in the UI Extension:

  • New Attachments Panel
  • Duplicate Pages
  • Add Image as a PDF Page
  • Crop to Show Pages


  • Configure UI Extensions using JSON files
  • UI related source code moved from demo project to UI Extensions component
  • Reading Bookmarks will now be removed if the page they point to is deleted
  • New special string table in UI Extensions and Sample Code
  • UI Extensions and sample code now use Apples’s ARC (iOS only)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes multi-instance bug for iOS

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