MobilePDF SDK Xamarin Support

by Conor Smith | December 5, 2017

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a cross platform implementation of .NET available on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. This allows the popular C# language to be used to create multi-platform applications. Android and iOS apps can be built on a Mac or Windows machine, with files and projects shared between both computers.

What is Foxit’s MobilePDF SDK?

Foxit’s MobilePDF SDK is a cross platform mobile PDF viewer Software Development Kit (SDK) with an emphasis on rapid development of PDF user interfaces in a mobile environment. These environments are Android, iOS and UWP. With limited knowledge of PDF technology, software developers can capitalize on sample code in order to integrate powerful Foxit PDF technology into their own Android, iOS and UWP apps.

Using Xamarin with Foxit’s MobilePDF SDK

At the moment we support Xamarin for iOS and are currently working on support for Android. Full support for Android is scheduled for January 2018. A binding library is available for Xamarin.iOS, with relevant instructions on how to implement. The bindings library, in the FoxitRDKBinding directory, includes a C# port of the full Foxit RDK API.

Also included is a demo project in the FoxitRDKDemo directory. This demo is a direct C# port of the complete_pdf_viewer Objective-C sample included with the Foxit RDK distribution.

To use the demo project, the following four files should be copied from the RDK into the libs directory:


  • FoxitRDK.framework
  • libFoxitRDKUIExtensions.a
  • rdk_key.txt
  • rdk_sn.txt



What does the future hold?

We are currently working on Xamarin.Android support for the Foxit MobilePDF SDK which will be similar to the Xamarin.iOS project. With this tool developers will be able to use Xamarin and Foxit MobilePDF SDK to view, annotate and sign PDFs through powerful PDF technology.

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