In June 2018 we released a whole new generation of PDF SDK under one core API which made adding PDF functionality to your applications across multiple platforms fast and seamless. Foxit PDF SDK supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, UWP and Web to ensure that no matter what device or OS you are developing for, you can choose us as your PDF SDK partner. In order to make sure that we are providing the best possible product to all our customers we release updates regularly with new features and improved functionality.

Today we are happy to announce the release of Foxit PDF SDK 6.1. This release continues to enable multi-platform development on our SDK with Xamarin, Cordova, and React Native support on Android and iOS, and Kotlin support on Android. These new binaries allow developers to deliver great native iOS and Android apps built on frameworks they are familiar with.

As well as this, Foxit’s PDF SDK has improved the associated files feature to attach XML, DOC, PDF and more file types, and the embedded fonts feature to add, edit and delete fonts in documents. Finally, our redaction feature now provides fully customizable ability to add redactions both manually in the client-side as well as programmatically and is easier to setup than ever thanks to the new demo we provide with every trial.

Release Highlights

Our release includes many interesting updates which adds to the already powerful PDF SDK that we provide. Below are some very interesting features that can help improve your application.

Cordova, Kotlin, Xamarin and React Native Support: Foxit PDF SDK supports Xamarin, Cordova, Kotlin and React Native so you can develop a mobile application in a Windows or Mac environment in a language you are familiar with while saving time and utilizing the development team you already have. With these new binaries, as well as corrections to our feature naming, Foxit PDF SDK is now fully multi-platform to ensure all developers can feel right at home using our product. Even if they haven’t worked with a PDF SDK before, reactive programming is possible with our technology.

You can now reuse components in your Desktop application for your Android and iOS apps and develop in a language that you enjoy; there is no need for your team to learn Android specific Java or Swift for iOS if you don’t need to. Most importantly, you don’t need to choose whether to develop on Android or iOS – you can develop for the two at the same time!

Redaction: Redaction allows you to offer anonymity to customers and staff by permanently blocking sensitive information within documents effectively. Foxit has added a new redaction demo that shows the true force that the feature has. Our redaction feature is fully customizable with the ability to add redactions both in the client-side and programmatically. The benefits of this feature are endless, allowing you to ensure the security of personal information across your document management system.

Improved Embedded Font Support: Embedded fonts ensure that people have the same experience of a document regardless of if they have the font used within the document on their computer. In cases where documents are being shared for annotating and mark-up some computers may not have the same fonts as others. Embedding a font means that anyone who opens the file can edit it in the font it was created in. Foxit has improved this feature so you can optimize for sharing, archiving and collaboration across many Operating Systems by adding, editing and deleting fonts in documents.

The ability to embed fonts in your SDK also prevents issues with rendering and printing PDFs when using different rendering engines, libraries and/or printers drivers. Instead of statically embedding the font on creation, which prevents it from being changed back, PDF SDK allows you to set any font to embedded font by simply calling the API.

Associated files: Associated files provide a means to associate content in other formats with objects of a PDF file and identify the relationship between the content and the objects. A great use of associated files is with ZUGFeRD invoicing where an invoice is sent with an associated XML file which allows companies to automate their payment and tax workflows in a few simple steps. With Foxit PDF SDK 6.1 you can add, edit and delete associated files within PDF documents to provide context to every document. You can attach many different types of files including XML, PDF, PPT, CSV and DOC. Not only this but you can export these attached files so you can send the likes of XML files to APIs which can automate workflows.

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