4 ways to become paperless with Foxit PDF SDKs

by Conor Smith | January 16, 2018

The idea of a paperless office revolution started over a decade ago with companies aiming to cut back on the amount of printing that they did on a daily basis and the amount of paper that they used overall. Promoting the idea of taking notes on your computer and not printing an email became universal statements in offices across the world. But how far have we gone to solve the paperless office issue? Very far we, at Foxit SDK headquarters, think. Using our PDF SDKs, we have seen many companies introduce PDF as their file format of choice and become paperless because of it.

Paperless Printing

Although it may be tempting to print a file that is many pages long and start annotating with a pen, PDF technology provides a perfect, paperless alternative for commenting and note taking in general. Paperless printing allows you to save documents to your computer that are print ready. What is even better is that the technology creates a layer over the original document where annotations will lie. This means that the document you are commenting and highlight on digitally remains the same and you can choose whether to show or hide your annotations. You can also import and export your annotations, share them with colleagues, upload them as a separate file or merge multiple annotated files into the same document.

Next Level Document Management

Way back when companies printed out every document they had and created a complex and inclusive document management system, documents still managed to go missing. With PDF technology, document management has been brought to the next level of simplicity. Not only can you arrange documents into folders, but you can tag them into categories with the use of metadata and search documents for keywords so that no document is misplaced or lost.

Foxit PDF SDK is superb for document management as it provides high power processing and programmatic modification of documentation to make for easy finding. Paperless document management has never been so straightforward.

Cross-platform Viewing

Working from various mobile devices has become the norm for many workplaces nowadays. Reading emails on a mobile phone and commenting on documents through a tablet device are only two of the possible situations that staff may find themselves in nowadays. Seamless cross-platform viewing is a must-have for this reason, as a negative user experience many push your team toward using paper as the alternative. The likes of reflow are necessary to ensure that minimal horizontal scrolling and responsive screens are achieved for a positive reaction.

MobilePDF SDK is challenging the cross-platform PDF viewing space with support on all mobile devices from Android, iOS to UWP. With 100% of edge cases tested and resolved our cross-platform PDF SDK is the best in its class.

Server-Side PDF Rendering

Having a server-side rendering solution for your PDF document needs ensures that all staff use the same software to view documents without the need for each device to have PDF viewer software installed. Having consistency of PDF viewer company-wide ensures that staff do not download free, low-quality viewers that are not suitable for some of the actions they need to do. Some PDF viewers may do more damage than good, so it is essential to choose the right PDF software for your company to use.

If this is something that your company is interested in, then WebPDF Viewer is the solution for you! It is a server-based solution that can run on Windows or Linux servers and allows PDF documents to be viewed within HTML browsers.

So there you have it, four easy ways to go paperless in 2018 with Foxit PDF SDKs. If you are unsure about which product would be the best fit for your company, try our Product Finder tool today.