Collaboration inefficiencies cost the construction industry $177 Billion a year – here’s how PDF can help

by Conor Smith | November 7, 2018
Earlier this year, a survey study run by Plangrid in collaboration with FMI Corp., found that major construction companies, just in the US, are wasting as much as $177 billion in staff, mainly because of communication and process inefficiencies. 600 construction leaders (Directors, Project Managers, and Supervisors) from the US, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom […]
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Document Management for Legal professionals in the Digital Age

by Conor Smith | September 20, 2018
The legal industry is ripe with inefficiencies with regards to digital document management, records management and sign off. The industry itself seems to be moving slowly to close the gap that it is creating between itself and other industries. Digital innovation can take many forms, without the changes being hard to introduce. For the most […]
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ZUGFeRD for everyday ERP systems

by Conor Smith | July 26, 2018
ZUGFeRD is fast becoming the standard for invoicing across countries. If you haven’t come across it yet you are sure to soon. Discover the important elements of this standard and why you need to adopt it into your ERP today
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